• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 30 MB
  • Date Updated: November 6, 2018

Stickman is a very popular type of game, with Stickman games that are simple and suitable for all ages. Often, people have played stickman-style action games. Today, we will bring to everyone a new Stickman game called Stickman Hook Sling. Murodown Games has created a completely different product; this game will Make the player surprise by its unique gameplay. If you are curious about this game, then you should go with me to learn about it.

stickman hook sling 2

Stickman and crazy actions

Join the game; you will become a Stickman character, you will control your character by making a long journey to achieve high scores. Like the famous Tarzan character, your character will have to move by creating strings attached to the terrain of the game. You will have to control your character properly and cross the complex terrain quickly. However, your speed will increase with the time you join this game. You will face many other challenges due to the speed of the character moves too fast. Take control of your character skillfully to achieve the highest score.

stickman hook sling 3

The journey will end when your character collides with the obstacles or falls to the ground. You will receive bonuses corresponding to the achievements you earn; bonuses will help you unlock new characters in the game store. There are a lot of characters to choose from; each character is unique to bring you a whole new experience. Try to collect the unique characters for a new and fun experience.

Stickman Hook Sling for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Simple graphics

Stickman games have a very simple graphic design. Stickman Hook Sling for iOS is also designed with very simple 2D graphics technology. The visual quality of the game is highly appreciated by the players; they will experience a high image quality along with good optimizations coming from the manufacturer. This game does not require a device with a strong configuration; you do not need to worry about your device. Also, the sound in the game is also designed very fun and suitable for play. You will get the real adventure in this game through its sharp graphics and fun sounds.

stickman hook sling 1

Download games simply and experience endless fun

In general, Stickman Hook Sling is a great game for everyone. It will help players to increase their ability to reflect; they will also get a lot of fun when participating in this game. The game has one downside: it’s integrated too many ads, many players will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, you can disconnect your internet connection to experience this game more perfectly.