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  • Platforms: iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 216 MB
  • Date Updated: August 5, 2019

Voodoo is a popular game maker for mobile devices around the globe; their games have two elements that appeal to players as innovative and new in design. The number of players interested in games created by Voodoo is huge and constantly increasing. After the great successes of Helix Jump,, Snake vs Block … In recent times, Voodoo continues to release a new product called Sticky Block. This is an exciting game, and it has both innovative and new elements, this game is expected by many to create a new wave in 2019.

Sticky Block 2

Completely new game

Unlike other products created by Voodoo, Sticky Block for iOS gives players a completely different and new experience. Its gameplay is unlike any gameplay of another game on the market today. You can experience it for hours continuously without feeling boredom like regular entertainment games. Specifically, you will have to control a square block moving on a designated path. You just need to use your fingers to perform swiping left or right to control the movement of the square. On the way, there will also be white blocks, and you have the task of using the square you are controlling to assimilate the white blocks. After assimilating the white squares, the cubes will arrange together in a specific sequence and create many special shapes. The shape of the object you are controlling will depend on the location of the blocks you collect. You will bring these blocks to a circle at the end of the path to get bonus points and pass difficult levels.

Sticky Block – Stick blocks and shoot balls

Overcome all obstacles to win

Besides collecting the blocks, you will also have to pay attention to the obstacles that appear on the way. These obstacles are designed with many different shapes, and they are responsible for destroying all square blocks when these blocks collide with them. Therefore, you will have to perform clever moves to avoid obstacles and achieve the best score and the end of the journey. Besides, you must also maintain your score to be able to pass the difficult level. All difficulty levels have the required score to pass 100 points; you need to achieve this score or more to be able to pass the difficulty level and unlock new levels.

Sticky Block 3

Not just square blocks

In addition to the square you can control at the beginning of the game, you can use your bonus points after going through the difficult levels to unlock different skins. The game’s skins are designed with different unique shapes, and they will make you feel more interested in the game. Note, you can earn more bonus points by watching ads to support the manufacturer.

Sticky Block 4


Creativity and novelty always surprise many players; Sticky Block APK Mod is a typical example of unlimited creation of Voodoo manufacturer. It brings completely new experiences to players and makes them play this game continuously for a long time. Sure, you have begun to care about this game. If you are interested in Sticky Block, then you can download it through the links we provide to be able to experience the game quickly.