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In the world, there are many famous and unique civilizations for you to explore. Some of the oldest and most popular cultures are the Arab world. Like other ancient cultures, Arab culture was also developed based on many fascinating wars and fairy tales. If you are interested and want to learn more about the Arab world, experience Sultan Forces, this is an exciting strategy game based on various Arab cultures in the rich Middle East. With an attractive Arab culture, you have the opportunity to enjoy many beautiful images and discover many interesting fairy tales.

sultan forces 2

Beautiful and varied images

Sultan Forces for iOS will help enjoy many beautiful pictures with typical Middle Eastern culture buildings. The buildings in the game are designed with many beautiful and sophisticated details. With vast Middle East lands, you are allowed to fight and conquer many different countries. Attractive fighting environments take place in many different cities or arid desert regions.

sultan forces 3

Three great civilizations to explore

Coming to the strategic challenges of the Arab culture, there will be three characteristics and represent each civilization to explore: Sand, Aerobic and Sea. With these three characteristics, you have the opportunity to enjoy the many strengths and architectural features of each civilization. Three different civilizations will bring you buildings with their style. Choose the civilization you care about and build powerful cities.

Sultan Forces for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Hundreds of interesting characters to collect

To participate in the battle, you need to summon and use different characters. The characters of the game are designed and developed based on the true characters of Middle Eastern culture. Each character has their fighting skills and stories. Discover the mysterious stories of each character and create more exciting experiences.

sultan forces 5

With its power system, each character will have its upgrade systems. Create your battle strategies based on the character upgrade system. There are many different ways to upgrade your character’s power. Also, you have to search and equip many items for your characters.

Attractive combat strategies

Sultan Forces APK Mod bring many different types of soldiers for you to use. Therefore, the manufacturer has prepared a lot of different battle teams for you to choose when fighting. Each type of formation has its advantages and disadvantages and is suitable for different types of soldiers. Before taking part in the battle, you need to know the strength of each type of soldier and choose the right fighting squad. Failure to understand the strength of soldiers and choosing the wrong squad will make you take defeat.

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With new images and compelling gameplay, Sultan Forces will surprise you and experience continue to discover many interesting things about the Arab world. Many famous stories and interesting characters of the game will help you get more excited when experiencing. Join your friends and explore the fascinating architecture of Middle Eastern civilization with our links.