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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 313 MB
  • Date Updated: September 4, 2019

With group combat missions and an impressive array of upgrades, Summon Dragons is an exciting RPG game that you cannot ignore. You will have the opportunity to become a dragon trainer and explore many mysterious lands to collect many different powerful dragons. Not only brings the usual combat missions, but this game is also prepared an attractive PVP system so that everyone can compete together. If you are interested in the unique content of this game, you can use the shared link at the end of the article to set up and explore.

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The world of legendary creatures

Summon Dragons for iOS will definitely surprise and make you love it with the mission of collecting and building an army of their own with many different types of dragons. The game will be prepared with many missions for you to participate in, and completing each mission will give you the opportunity to own new types of dragons. Besides, the manufacturer has prepared hundreds of different dragons with their powers for you to explore. In particular, each dragon will have a unique power attribute. And to create a strong battle formation, you need to calculate reasonably to balance the power between each dragon. From there, your dragons can support each other well in the course of the battle.

Summon Dragons for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Join the battle; you will be allowed to arrange and use up to six different dragons in a battle formation. In particular, the front position allows you to position two dragons, and the back position allows you to position four dragons. To balance the strength between the dragons used in the battle squad, you need to grasp the power properties and their advantages on the battlefield. There will be a total of six different attributes for you to use: Water, Earth, Wind, Fire, Dark, and Light.

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Diverse mission system

If the player wants to collect and use more new types of dragons, you need to complete many different mission systems of the game. Each mission will be prepared in different stages. You will start with simple stages and collect dragons that have the basic power to use. As for later complex stages, you must participate in many complex missions and face many dangerous enemies (monsters and BOSS).

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Besides, each combat mission will provide several different rewards for you to collect. From there, you can use the rewards to upgrade your dragons. Upgrading the dragons is as important as collecting new types of dragons. Upgrading the dragons will help them increase their combat power and when they reach the required levels. You will evolve them to unlock many new fighting skills. Note, each dragon will possess up to three different special combat skills. And these special skills will automatically activate after your dragon accumulates enough energy required.

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Summon Dragons has nice 3D graphics and many awesome combat skill effects for you to enjoy. Each dragon in the game will be built with its size, shape, and color. From there, players can freely watch them and enjoy a fascinating fantasy world. In particular, the image details are built gently and are easy to see. Players do not feel stressed out in battles and can fight continuously to conquer new challenges of the game.