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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 48 MB
  • Date Updated: June 28, 2019

Super Bino Go 2 – A new challenge on mobile platforms with content similar to Mario. It offers gameplay that is familiar to everyone but is prepared with more interesting challenges. You will be exploring and fighting with many unique monsters. Besides, the content and tasks of the game are easy to understand. It helps players quickly get acquainted and suitable for many different ages. Currently, the game is available on Googleplay and has received positive reviews. It was released by ONESOFT and is proposed to be friendly with families with children.

Super Bino Go 2 2

The fascinating journey

Entering Super Bino Go 2 APK Mod, you will participate in exciting adventure journeys along with Bino. You are responsible for helping Bino overcome many monsters and traps along the way. Overcoming many complicated challenges, Bino can rescue his princess and have a happy life later. The quest to rescue the princess will not be simple; you must overcome many BOSS in different worlds. Each BOSS has its strengths, and you have to have clever manipulations to defeat them.

Super Bino Go 2 3

Virtual key system

With simple and familiar gameplay, you’ll be using an intuitive virtual key system that is scientifically arranged on the device’s screen. Using these virtual keys logically will help you defeat monsters on the way. And get impressive scores in unique journeys. To help the character move, there will be three virtual keys prepared on the left side of the screen. On the right of the screen, there are two different virtual keys to help you overcome obstacles on the way.

Super Bino Go 2 for Android/iOS – Gameplay


To bring attractive challenges for everyone, three archipelagos and more than 60 different levels have been carefully prepared with various obstacles. Also, the manufacturer prepares a variety of powerful BOSS to challenge your perseverance, unlike normal monsters that appear on the way. BOSS possesses good defense, and you need a lot of time to defeat them.

Super Bino Go 2 4

If you want to kill monsters and BOSS, you have to jump into the air to step on them. Successfully destroying monsters will help you get higher scores. And you can explore new maps after defeating BOSS. During the move, you will be defeated if you are touched by monsters and BOSS. Therefore, you need to keep safe distances when moving and performing tasks.

Super Bino Go 2 1

Support items

Besides the ingenious controls, you can also collect support items to complete the challenge more easily. Super Bino Go 2 has prepared three different types of support items, and each item will have its effects. These three supporting items are Grow-up, Fire, and Shield. In it, Grow-up will help your character to easily develop and destroy obstacles. And Fire allows you to use destructive bombs to destroy monsters without approaching them. Finally, Shield will create a protective layer for a short time and help you not be defeated by monsters.