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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 81 MB
  • Date Updated: January 9, 2019

Korea is a country with the leading music industry in Asia; this country has a lot of famous singers and groups in the world. Also, there are many entertainment companies specializing in training singers and music groups to serve the entertainment needs of people. In it, Pledis Entertainment is a big entertainment company, and they are currently the managers of many famous idols. If you are a K-POP fan, especially with the idols managed by Pledis Entertainment and you should experience Superstar PLEDIS. This is an impressive music game and produced by Dalcomsoft, Inc., now available for download from Googleplay and App Store.

superstar smtown 2

Impressive content with K-pop theme

In Superstar PLEDIS for iOS, players will enjoy many famous works from Pledis Entertainment idols such as Seventeen, Pristin, After School, Nu’est, Uee, and many other artists. You will experience much famous music works with attractive melodies, the game gives you the unique challenges of music, you can comfortably experience and relax with many musical works. The content is simple and suitable for Korean entertainment industry fans.

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Players will participate in many interesting music challenges and experience many different modes. You will experience music challenges with three modes: Easy – Normal – Hard. Each mode will offer a variety of speed challenges; you will easily overcome challenges in Easy and Normal mode. But the challenge of Hard mode will surprise you with a fast pace; you will need good concentration and agility reflexes to overcome this mode. At the beginning of the challenge, you should experience Easy mode to get used to the pace of the game. After getting used to the game and experience more often, you can confidently participate in Normal mode. Complete challenges in Normal mode means you’re ready for the crazy and exciting challenges of Hard mode.

SuperStar PLEDIS for Android/iOS – Gameplay

When experiencing Korea’s exciting music challenges, you will enjoy more than 40 different songs of 9 typical artists managed by Pledis Entertainment. In particular, you will participate in the online competition with many people around the world with 15 different tournaments. There are many outstanding works that you will enjoy in this game. With unique tournaments, you will get many interesting competitions and participate in many impressive speed challenges. Besides online competition, the game is also prepared with a ranking of outstanding achievements and scores. The best players will be updated to the regular rankings. Therefore, experience and compete with many others to get impressive scores and achieve high results in the rankings. The highest positions and the most exciting challenges are waiting for you ahead.

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Superstar PLEDIS is the most exciting music challenge today. Although this is not new content, with artists of Pledis Entertainment, you will surely have many interesting experiences. A series of attractive works with impressive rhythms and a beautiful interface system will make you satisfied.