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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 66 MB
  • Date Updated: September 19, 2019

With a unique design, the survival challenge in Survivor Mr.Who is an interesting experience that you should not miss. Join this fascinating game; you will discover many different complex missions. In addition to collecting items to survive, you also have the task of fighting dangerous monsters at night. Besides, this game also owns an easy-to-use control system that helps players quickly get acquainted. It is currently available on Googleplay and is released by 111%.

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Unexpected accident

After your plane crashed, you were lucky to survive, and a new survival process began. In Survivor Mr.Who for iOS, you will be on a unique survival journey in a mysterious land. The task of survival is never simple; you will face many different dangers. In particular, the night is the most dangerous time of the day when monsters start hunting at night. To protect yourself, you will have to build a safe base and accumulate a lot of food to survive.

Survivor Mr.Who for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Collect items

In the survival mission, you need to collect various types of items obtained on the map. Each item you collect will have its own features to use. If you want to survive for as long as possible, you must move continuously to many different locations to collect items. A small map prepared on the right of the screen will help you easily observe and choose the right paths.

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The diverse items that you collect will be used in many different jobs (manufacturing weapons, building barracks, …). The manufacturer has prepared an attractive construction system and allows you to create many different types of tools to survive. To make survival tools, you need to collect a sufficient number of required items. Therefore, you must check the construction system continuously to collect enough quantities of necessary items and make many survival tools.

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Build and survive

Besides collecting items and manufacturing support tools. Players also have to build a strong base to survive and face many dangers at night. Monsters will move out of their den at night and will attempt to attack you. Therefore, you must quickly build a defence system to be able to survive at night. The manufacturer has prepared many different defence systems for you to use. Basic defences will not require many items and can be easily crafted. The basic defence systems will be suitable for the early stages of the game. At this point, you only face weak monsters. Conversely, the later stages of the game will bring many giant and dangerous monsters. At that time, you need to build complex and advanced defence systems to fight them.

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Along with building different defences, players must also build a strong base with many different structures to survive. Each successfully built structure in Survivor Mr.Who will help you survive longer. In particular, you are allowed to freely layout and build your base in many different sizes. However, you will need a variety of items to expand your base and build powerful defences to defend the base.