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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 10.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 88 MB
  • Date Updated: May 19, 2019

Sweet Escapes is a unique game with completely new match-3 battles. In the game, you will discover interesting puzzle challenges of match-3 genre. After passing the puzzle, you can also participate in exciting construction challenges and be allowed to create a candy town for the lovely characters of the game. With unique gameplay, you will get lots of fun and have a pleasant time to relax. Also, the game is suitable for all ages and is suitable for families with children. To explore it, you can use shared links prepared at the end of the article.

Sweet Escapes 1

Overcome the fun challenges

The lovely characters of the game are waiting for you to discover. You have the task of helping them to overcome various match-3 challenges to find baking ingredients and build different pastry shops. Each match-3 challenge will provide you with your ingredients to discover many recipes for pastries. After acquiring pastry recipes, you will have to build beautiful shops to serve people. The more recipes you collect, the more shops you can open. From there, you have the opportunity to own a fun town with many beautiful shops.

Sweet Escapes 2

Help your brain relax effectively

With match-3 elements, the game will provide you with intellectual challenges. Each challenge will require you to collect different pastry ingredients. And to collect ingredients, you’ll have to arrange square blocks with the same background and colors. Square blocks with their backgrounds and colors will be scientifically arranged to challenge your observation ability. You have to touch the screen to arrange square blocks in horizontal or vertical rows. Sorting squares with numbers of 3 or more will help you collect the necessary materials.

Sweet Escapes – The Tastiest Bakery Experience

Your challenges are prepared at different levels, and each challenge will have a limit to the number of moves. Therefore, you must make arrangements in a scientific way and have reasonable calculations to complete the task. Arranging unreasonable square blocks will make you use the turn. Then the mission will fail, and there will be waiting time for you to play again. To support players in complex challenges, the game also has some prepared support items on the right side of the screen. With these support items, you will get many advantages when participating in challenges. Note, you are not allowed to abuse support items to avoid boredom.

Sweet Escapes 3

Besides having to complete the required tasks, the player also participates in the task of building the pastry shop. With the task of building, you will be comfortable creating and creating unique shops in many different styles. Each store will serve a variety of pastries. So, you have to buy many different baking tools. Also, you also have to buy various tools to decorate the store like tables and chairs or service counters. In particular, players are allowed to decorate and change many different landscapes of the town. You are allowed to build your fountain or play area to make your town more lively and bustling.

Sweet Escapes 4


Sweet Escapes is a suitable option to relax this summer. It offers pleasant images and enjoyable gameplay, which helps you relax comfortably. In particular, this game is a great option for parents to entertain with their children on weekends.