When we were young, we always heard stories about knights and princesses. The brave knights will participate in many dangerous journeys to rescue the princess being held in the castles of the evil forces. Do you want to become a knight and rescue your princess? Experience Swift Knight and discover the unique adventures of a knight. You will have to overcome many pitfalls, and a huge dragon is right behind you. To explore the crazy missions of a knight, please use the link at the end of the article.

Swift Knight 2

Endless Runner Challenge

Swift Knight for iOS will bring endless running challenges with attractive animation style and funny 2D graphics. To rescue the princess, you will have to go into a vast cave with many deadly traps. Also, this cave is protected by a large dragon, and it will find ways to eat you. Therefore, you need to run fast and skillfully to survive. If you don’t get past the pitfalls and let the dragon catch up, you will be burned alive.

Swift Knight 3

Challenge according to each level

Different from the usual endless running challenges, you will join each level separately, and each level will be prepared with many different pitfalls to defeat you. Joining the quest on each level will help players balance the time of work and relaxation. You can freely pause or complete a level and continue working.

Swift Knight for Android/iOS – Gameplay

In particular, there are many types of pitfalls and different obstacles. They will be arranged in a variety of areas, and the pitfalls will appear continuously in each map. Each map will have its pitfalls that will challenge your reflexes. Players will have to deal with pitfalls like lava lakes, poisonous trees, sharp rocks falling from above and many other obstacles. If you don’t have good reflexes, you’ll be knocked down by obstacles and burned by the dragon.

Swift Knight 4

How to control?

In endless running challenges, you will have to collect the rewards on the way and overcome many different pitfalls. The character will automatically move, and you only need to help the character overcome the obstacles. To overcome obstacles, you must touch the screen to jump. However, in this game, there are many crazy obstacles and jumping into the air is not the only way to overcome them. Some pitfalls will suddenly appear on the way, to ensure the safety of the character, you must touch and hold your hand on the screen. Touching and holding hands will help the character stand still and after the pitfalls disappear, you can release your hands to continue moving.

Swift Knight 1

Many items and rewards along the way

In the process of running away from the pursuit of the great dragon and overcoming the pitfalls, you also have to collect different plants and bonuses. With rare plants and bonuses, you can create more drugs to support your character and make your character stronger. Compared to the number of traps, bonuses and rare plants have small numbers. Therefore, you must try to collect them to help you get more support at the next level. Character support drugs are very important, and you need to own at least one medicine while performing the task.