• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: September 10, 2019

Ninja is a famous and dangerous killer force originating from Japan. Based on the fascinating stories surrounding these warriors and their impressive fighting skills. A unique RPG game developed by Horizon Games Ltd manufacturer. Takashi – Ninja Warrior is an attractive RPG challenge with many beautiful fighting images that will surely make you satisfied. With action elements and many different enemies to fight, this game will bring you many epic battles to relax. It is now available on Googleplay with thousands of downloads after being released after a short time.

takashi ninja warrior 2


Join the game; you will discover the vast and beautiful land of Tochi of Japan. However, this land is becoming ruined by the evil rule of the lords. Born and raised at Tochi, Takashi is a famous fighter with strong fighting skills. Seeing his homeland devastated and exploited, Takashi decided to fight and defeat the warlords to regain the peace of Tochi.

Takashi – Ninja Warrior for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The journey is solitary and dangerous

To regain Tochi peace, defeating the warlords is an important task. However, the warlords were protected by many different Samurai and foreign warriors. Therefore, you will have to fight and defeat many types of enemies to survive. Besides normal warriors, you also face the dark magic power and many dangerous monsters. In general, the battles in the game will be fierce, and you must have the perseverance to be able to defeat many different enemies.

takashi ninja warrior 4

During the experience, the manufacturer will give you different tasks and goals to complete. Each mission will take players to different locations and enemies to fight. The number of quests and enemies to destroy is huge. Therefore, you need a lot of time to be able to participate in continuous combat. Each of your enemies will possess different combat skills and moves. Therefore, you need to create many different fighting styles, and each style will suit a certain enemy. From there, you can quickly defeat your enemies.

takashi ninja warrior 1

Costumes and weapons

Besides complex combat missions and a variety of dangerous opponents to defeat. The game also requires you to upgrade many different fighting skills for your character. Owning a lot of powerful fighting skills will help you deal more damage to enemies. Also, unlocking new combat skills also helps you discover the variety of weapon systems in the game. The game has many different weapons for you to use and explore. And each new weapon will bring beautiful fighting skills for you to enjoy.

takashi ninja warrior 3

Not only change weapons and explore many fascinating battle maps. Takashi – Ninja Warrior also allows people to change and collect many beautiful costumes for the character freely. Costumes will be prepared in the game store, and you need to use the bonus to be able to unlock them. Each type of costume will be designed according to the beautiful colors and textures for you to explore. From there, your battles will be more attractive, and you can fight continuously.