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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 53 MB
  • Date Updated: December 26, 2018

You love to enjoy lovely pictures with lots of fun activities in My Talking Tom and My Talking Tom 2. With this, you should not miss the fun activity with Tom in the latest version called Talking Tom Farts. In this version, players will experience a new activity with Tom. You will help Tom fart to participate in lovely challenges and create many impressive achievements.

talking tom farts 1

Lovely content

As the name of this version, you will take care of Tom with the most interesting dishes and help Tom fart. You will have to take on challenges and collect lots of gold coins to unlock many delicious dishes. Using lots of good food will help Tom fart better. To collect gold coins, you will have to participate in endless challenges. Touch the screen of the device to help Tom fart and jump up. On the way, there will appear many gold coins for you to collect. You will need to manipulate accurately and wisely to collect more gold coins and soar to get more impressive scores.

talking tom farts 2

To create impressive achievements and collect lots of gold, players will have to experience continuously. Therefore, when participating in challenges and to create good scores you need to perform quick and accurate operations. You will have to help Tom fly higher and try not to let Tom fall to the ground. This is a fun experience and suitable for many different ages. Try to collect more bonuses to unlock delicious dishes and help Tom fly even higher. In particular, some dishes will be unlocked by viewing advertisements; this is a simple and convenient feature that helps you get more benefits when experiencing.

Talking Tom Farts for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Beautiful theme

In Talking Tom Farts for iOS, besides collecting gold coins and unlocking dishes, the player will be collected and possess many beautiful themes. These themes are built with beautiful details; these topics will help make the experience more fun. However, to unlock the themes, you will need a lot of gold coins. So, you need to join many challenges and use gold coins wisely and unlock beautiful themes.

talking tom farts 3

Images and sounds

Talking Tom Farts has beautiful 3D graphics and great image quality, and you will not be able to find any minus points to complain to the manufacturer. When Tom deflates, you will experience many beautiful and impressive effects. Besides the sound of a very cute fart like Phew! POOP POOP! PARP! WHOOSH! And many other funny sounds.

talking tom farts 4

You will love this game

Talking Tom Farts is a lovely entertainment game that you and everyone should experience. Players will have lots of fun and comfort with endless and very cute challenges. Note, when you experience you will meet some ads of Outfit7 Limited manufacturer.