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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 88 MB
  • Date Updated: April 9, 2019

If you love the adorable Outfit7 Limited cats, you won’t be able to ignore the new game versions they create. They are very successful with Talking Tom and Talking Angela series. With many different versions of lovely cats, you will have a lot of fun experiences and attractive, relaxing pictures. And the latest version of this game series is Talking Tom Hero Dash. In the new version, you will experience the addictive Endless Running genre when controlling Tom and many other characters.

talking tom hero dash 2

Completely new style

Talking Tom Hero Dash for iOS brings you to the world of superheroes, Tom and friends all possess impressive powers and they have a duty to protect the city from vandals. Currently, the city is being disturbed and destroyed by naughty pandas. And you have the task of removing the pandas to restore peace to the city.

talking tom hero dash 3


You will run around the city to destroy the pandas that are destroying the city. You have to run on the roads or the roof of high-rise buildings with many different obstacles. Along the way there will be many obstacles and pandas, you need to pay attention to observe the path to avoid obstacles and take down the pandas.

talking tom hero dash 4

You will participate in the challenge with three lanes, on each lane will be arranged separate obstacles, and you need to overcome them to continue participating in the challenge. On the way there is also a support item to help players run longer. With these support items, you can overcome many pitfalls and create many good achievements. If you do not overcome the obstacles, you must play again. Also, there are gold coins to collect on the way. The collected gold coins will be used to unlock new costumes and help you rebuild the city.

Talking Tom Hero Dash – Run! Jump! Save the world!

The longer you run, the faster the speed of movement. Therefore, you need to have good reflex to avoid obstacles when moving at high speeds. Participating in a high-speed challenge also makes your experience more fun. In particular, you will have the opportunity to unlock Angela and Hank after defeating BOSS in the game.

talking tom hero dash 5

Many unique images

Talking Tom Hero Dash APK Mod brings many lovely entertainment images with different animals. The game is designed with beautiful image quality and attractive 3D graphics. The obstacles and scenery in the game are prepared with interesting cartoon style. With a light and fun design style, the game is suitable for all ages. In addition, when using support items, you will enjoy many beautiful color effects.

talking tom hero dash 1


Talking Tom Hero Dash creates new and exciting challenges, helping you get more unique experiences besides Tom cat. With light and fun content, the game is a reasonable choice for entertainment after hard work. In addition, this game is suitable for families with children and parents can be assured for children to experience.