• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 94 MB
  • Date Updated: April 13, 2019

Talking Tom Splash Force, challenge fun shooting with Tom and friends waiting for you to experience. A series of interesting shooting missions and evil pandas are waiting for you ahead. Observe and adjust the line of sighting the best way to eliminate bad pandas. This exciting game will give you a lot of fun experiences along with a lovely series of images for you to enjoy and relax.

talking tom splash force 1

New version

In this interesting version, you have the task of rescuing and rebuilding the houses of different animals being destroyed by the bad panda group. You will have to participate in various challenges to accumulate bonuses and rebuild the previously destroyed houses. Also, you also have to collect the keys to rescue the beautiful animals being held by the bad panda. This is a fun challenge and not too complicated to get used to. You can freely participate in the experience wherever you are in your free time.

talking tom splash force 2

Defeat the bad panda

When participating in the challenge, you must defeat the pandas that appear on the map. Each of your challenges will be played on different maps with different enemies. At difficult missions and you have the opportunity to receive many great rewards, you will have to fight in a complex map with many different pandas. Each panda will be in a different position on the map. Therefore, you need to carefully observe the map and position of the pandas before shooting.

Talking Tom Splash Force for Android/iOS – Gameplay

To shoot, simply hold your hand on the device’s screen and move up or down to select the shot angle. After selecting the shot angle, you continue to adjust the firing force. To adjust the firing force appropriately, you will pull your finger forward to create greater force or pull back to reduce the force. In general, adjustment and selection of shooting angles are not complicated. However, to get an accurate shot and quickly defeat the opponent, you need a reasonable calculation.

talking tom splash force 3

Outfit7 Limited producer has prepared many lovely characters for you to explore like Angela or Hank. The characters of the game will be built with their costumes and many unique image details. Also, each character will own a private shooting skill for you to experience. To unlock new characters and costumes, you will have to meet different requirements. If you want to unlock interesting and beautiful costumes, the game’s requirements are more complex. Therefore, you must participate in continuous challenges to be able to unlock new costumes and have more fun experiences.

Lovely graphics

Talking Tom Splash Force for iOS has a lovely image system with attractive colors. To bring more fun to the experience, the manufacturer has created many exciting combat environments for you. You can engage in battle with evil pandas in deserts, tropical islands, jungles or icy worlds. With diverse combat environments and unique details, you will have many exciting and fun emotions.

talking tom splash force 4


Similar to other versions of Outfit7 Limited, Talking Tom Splash Force still brings a lot of fun and is prepared with an attractive gameplay system to experience. With these fun and simple challenges, you can relieve stress quickly and have more fun. Note, the game will appear some small ads and youtube integration for you to explore the characters of the game. Besides products purchased with virtual money, there are some products you will have to buy with real money.