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  • Date Updated: February 16, 2019

Tap Tap Plaza – Experience exciting commercial business and discover the work of a smart manager. You have the opportunity to become a business manager, plan and invest in many different stores in the mall. Expand your business system with many different services. Overcome many missions and accumulate more bonuses to become a smart businessman. To experience the game in the fastest and simplest way, please use the link at the end of the article.

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In Tap Tap Plaza for iOS, you will have to expand your business by opening various stores. Improve the quality of services and products to have more customers interested in your store. Supervise the business of many stores at the same time to ensure stable business. The sale is a job that requires good concentration and judgment on the needs of customers. You need good advertising for the store and offer many smart business strategies to increase sales

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Can you become a good entrepreneur?

You will start with small shops at the beginning of the challenge. Your number of customers is quite small, so the store’s revenue will not be large. You need to overcome the initial difficulties, so people are interested in your store. After a while, the business will be more stable, and the store will receive much attention from everyone. The number of customers will increase and help the shop get better profits.

Tap Tap Plaza for Android/iOS – Gameplay

After accumulating a lot of bonuses, you have to recruit and train many different employees to serve customers. Make sure your employees are always working well and not making customers wait. If the service staff is not good, the customer will leave and make the profit decrease. Besides, upgrading facilities for shops is an important task. Completing the upgrade, the store will receive more attention.

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When the business becomes stable and generates more profits, you can open more stores. You are allowed to monitor the work of multiple stores at the same time. Note, your stores need to be upgraded regularly and recruit many employees. The profit will be greater if all stores have stable productivity. Also, players can also distribute coupons below the lobby of the mall. The issuance of coupons makes your store stand out more, and the number of customers will increase even more.

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Tap Tap Plaza APK Mod has beautiful images, and sharp 2D graphics, simple movements of various characters and a series of beautiful shops will make you want to experience it continuously. Space and interface are carefully built by the manufacturer and create many vivid details for everyone to experience. Many shops with beautiful and impressive designs will make you feel like becoming a real entrepreneur.

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Tap Tap Plaza with a business simulation challenge is a gentle relaxation experience that is suitable for all ages. Not only does it bring a lot of fun experiences, but the game also helps you discover many exciting businesses. Discover business challenges right now to get more fun.