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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: September 26, 2018

In recent times, the popular game Ketchapp producer has launched their new product called Targets. Like the other entertainment games that Ketchapp has released before, Targets for Android will bring players the most enjoyable experience. Currently, this game is available on Google Play and App Store; you can download this game easily. If you are looking to learn more about this exciting game, then you can follow our review of the game below.

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Simple gameplay

Unlike other games, Targets APK Mod has very simple gameplay. Your device’s screen will display a map with a lot of different terrains. You will own small balls made of iron; your task is to throw these balls to the holes that appear on the map of the game. You will use your fingers to perform touch actions and drag the screen to throw the ball into the holes. If you throw up all the holes on the map of the game with your ball, you will overcome the difficulty level. Each difficulty level will have a specially designed map, and you will face more challenges when you have to overcome higher difficulty levels in this game.

targets 3

Besides, your balls will have limits. You will have to make the most accurate throws to get through the difficult level with ease. If you have run out of ball and the holes are not filled, you will fail immediately. You can play the difficulty level from the start and overcome difficulty level with new ways and get more new experiences.

targets 4

The unique ball

You can collect diamonds that appear randomly on the map of the game with your correct throws. With the diamonds, you collect when you pass the level of difficulty, you can use them to unlock new balls in the game’s store. Newer balls with more eye-catching looks will help players feel more amused with this game. You will not be able to stop when you pass the level, or you own new balls.

Targets – Android/iOS Gameplay(By Ketchapp )


Ketchapp always makes simple games, and their games also receive high praise from players. Targets for iOS own a very simple 3D graphic design; all the different details are displayed very clearly on the screen of the device. You will easily see the map of the game to make the right decision and overcome the difficulty level more easily. The sound of the game is also very simple, but it also gives a great impression on the player.

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In general, Targets promises to be the next successful product of Ketchapp. They have brought players a new product with a lot of new experiences; this game is completely different from the other games that Ketchapp was released before. How many levels can you overcome?