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  • Date Updated: July 9, 2019

Interesting antagonistic battles on console machines are always associated with the childhood of many people. We can mention some of the famous names on the console platform: Street Fighter or Devil May Cry. So did you ever think about discovering many interesting console games on a mobile device? If you doubt the question above, you can search for answers from GungHo Online Entertainment producer.

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From the famous game of console platform and familiar to everyone. The manufacturer built a unique Ultimate Card Battle challenge and named it TEPPEN. With this fascinating challenge, you have the opportunity to discover many powerful characters in the intense matches of the turn-based genre.


TEPPEN APK Mod is designed with attractive strategic elements; characters will appear as cards for you to use in each match. Due to the design and use of many characters from different games, you have the opportunity to own a wide variety of characters and get epic battles. The characters that you can explore will be used from games like Resident Evil, Mega Man, Street Fighter, .. etc.

TEPPEN for Android/iOS – Gameplay

With the number of attractive characters, the producer will prepare eight representative characters for you to choose and use in the upcoming battles. These eight representative characters are built from 8 main characters of a variety of different games released by Capcom. Besides choosing a representative character, you also have to try to collect many other character cards to fight with people.

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With a turn-based battle system, TEPPEN requires players to have clever strategies and calculations to win. The strategic element is the most important, and you can only defeat the enemy with scientific strategies. If you don’t build or use a wise strategy, your characters will easily be defeated by enemies.

Ultimate Card Battle challenge will provide fierce battles and a series of powerful characters. In each match, you will use the accumulated energy to summon the character cards and drag them to the arena. Each match will give three different positions for you to place the card character. Each character card will have its attack and defense stats. Therefore, you need to carefully observe your opponent’s abilities and summon cards appropriately.

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The matches you are about to discover will be prepared according to different game modes. With Solo Player mode, you will be fighting AI. From there, you have the opportunity to build your offensive or defensive strategies. In addition to AI mode, you can also enjoy ranking matches to compete with other players. The ranking mode will bring intense battles. Each match will be scored and updated on the game’s rankings. So ranking matches require you to have concentration and use flexible strategies to destroy the enemy besides basic game modes like Solo Player or ranking. Players can also explore story mode, chronicle, and training for their representative characters.