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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • File size: 44 MB
  • Date Updated: August 17, 2019

The online strategic challenges are now very popular in the mobile game market. These challenges always bring a pleasant experience to everyone. Besides, it also allows players to freely show their intelligent leadership ability. People will be competing online together to find the best leaders.

the alchemist code 2

If you need to explore the fascinating challenges of strategic content? The Alchemist Code is one of the many outstanding names that will make you happy. This game is currently released by Gumi, a famous producer from Japan. With addictive strategy content, you have the opportunity to build a powerful fighting team of their own to conquer the complex challenges of the game.

Fight and become stronger

With The Alchemist Code for iOS, you will participate in team battles. Besides, you are also allowed to build various battle strategies to defeat your enemies. Team fighting requires you to have a wise mindset and a smart calculation. If you do not have the right strategies, you will not be able to overcome the required tasks and other players.


Control and develop your fighting group

Participate in team battles; you are allowed to build a team with a maximum of five members. To recruit and use game characters, you need to complete the assigned task and meet a number of different requirements. Also, each character will be designed with their skill and power system. From there, you can freely develop characters in many different ways. Or create an interesting series of strategies to make the most of each character’s strengths.

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More than 50 characters with a series of impressive fighting powers are waiting for you to discover. Besides using the characters wisely, you also have to search and equip many different items for the characters. For group combat challenges, collecting and equipping great value items is very important. Equipping items with good technical indicators will bring many advantages to your characters when dealing with dangerous enemies.

the alchemist code 4

The battlefield is fierce

The Alchemist Code will give people many different fighting environments to explore. The combat missions will take you to many different lands. At each land, the terrain will change constantly and create many complex battlefields for you to overcome. Changing terrain will require you to change your strategy continuously and wisely. If you don’t change and use reasonable strategies, your team can be easily destroyed by enemies.

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Besides storyline missions, the producer also prepares PVP or Co-op challenges for everyone to enjoy. With Co-op mode, you will meet and combine with three other players to complete special challenges of the game. Fighting in this mode requires everyone to work together harmoniously. In contrast, the PVP mode will bring fierce competition between many players. You and everyone will be competing in the arena. Here, people will have to constantly compete to win good positions in the rankings and receive attractive prizes of the game.