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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 127 MB
  • Date Updated: January 9, 2019

PONOS Corporation manufacturer always offers products with interesting gameplay and provides a simple entertainment demand for users. Their products offer many unique activities, although with simple content but interesting and addictive challenges will make players feel excited. The Battle Cats is one of the most striking and impressive products of PONOS Corporation. The success of this product is expressed with 5 million downloads from Googleplay; please experience this game now to discover more exciting activities and more fun.

The Battle Cats 1

The war is exciting

In The Battle Cats APK Mod, players will experience the exciting battles of many different animals. The first highlight that you cannot ignore is the style of character design and shaping. Characters built on different shapes will make players feel excited. Players will discover the unique shapes of many animals, the animals in this game are very special and will not be able to see them in real life. You will experience the exciting battles of cats with many animals in the world. You will have to help cats win on many different battlefields and create a beautiful and luxurious army of cats.

The Battle Cats 2


You will be involved in fighting with many animals around the world, with the world map system players will be moved to many cities and different lands. You will be provided with a base, and your mission is to protect the base from the attack of many enemies. In addition to protecting the base, you will have to summon a large army to destroy the enemy base and win. The game is prepared with a variety of different soldiers for you to summon when fighting. Each soldier will have different powers and prices to summon, so you need to calculate reasonably when using gold coins to summon good soldiers when fighting.

The Battle Cats – Tower Defense√óBattle Game

Fighting smart

As mentioned, the game has many types of soldiers with different prices and power for you to use. The higher the soldier’s value, the better the combat ability. Therefore, to summon and use these types of soldiers you will need a wise strategy. Besides the goal of destroying the enemy’s base and protecting your base, you will have to pay attention to the ability to reasonably spend when fighting. To summon high-value soldiers, you will need to accumulate lots of gold coins. To do this, you will have to limit the summoning of soldiers or summoning low-level soldiers. From the above reasons, you will have to have a plan to fight and use finance scientifically. Having a science spending plan will help you balance the two main goals of protecting the base and destroying the enemy.

The Battle Cats 3

Final comment

The Battle Cats for iOS is a game with interesting content and impressive images. Besides attractive strategy content is a unique character design style. With these unique designs, players will experience many impressive images. With many outstanding features and sharp images, what else do you play without participating in the experience?