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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: July 26, 2018

For long, the game of resistance is always a focus that attracts a lot of players attention. Attractive battles and beautiful skill effects have created the appeal of these games. You will know the famous antagonistic games have been released for a long time as Guilty GearX, Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat … These games have achieved a lot of success and get the love of many. Today, we will introduce you a new fighting game called The King of Fighters AllStar. The game was released by Netmarble producer, they succeeded with a lot of their products and received the trust of players. The King of Fighters AllStar for iOS promises to be the most anticipated action game in 2018. Right now, let’s find out about the most prominent features of this game.

the king of fighters allstar 1

Attractive fighting game

The King of Fighters AllStar APK Mod is the sequel to The King of Fighters series, which retains the traditional style of previous releases. But the developer has given players a lot of other features so players get a lot more new experiences. The different skills of the character have been upgraded and used more easily; players will not take much time to be familiar with the control of the game. Also, the character system of the game will remain the same for players to feel familiar when they have played the previous version of this game series.

the king of fighters allstar 2

The game also offers players many different game modes. You can choose your favourite game modes and improve your skills to become the best player. Gaming modes that interest players like PvP or Team Battle will give the player a more enjoyable experience. You can invite your friends to join and experience the mightiest battles in the game to compete with other players around the globe.

the king of fighters allstar 3

Impressive graphics

After so many years, with the modern technology of graphics. The King of Fighters AllStar for Android has brought to the player an impressive 3D graphics design. The characters in this version have been meticulously designed, and they possess individual characteristics. The visual quality of the game is very much appreciated by players, and they are happy with this. Specifically, the game’s sound system is also carefully taken care of by the manufacturer so that the player can experience the most engaging battles.

The King of Fighters AllStar for Android/iOS – Gameplay

I like this game

The King of Fighters AllStar will be my top choice for the moment. The game has a lot of improvements along with the new features. I can participate in exciting battles with my friends, which will help people have more fun. The game is currently in beta and may generate bugs, so you can contribute your feedback so developers can make the game even better.