• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 29 MB
  • Date Updated: May 30, 2019

As everyone knows, Gameloft is a famous game maker on mobile and PC. In particular, the mobile game market is now very diverse and fierce. Manufacturers must regularly update or release new games. To meet the needs of the market, Gameloft also regularly brings new products to everyone with lots of interesting content. With puzzle genre, they released a new game, and it was called The Love Boat: Puzzle Cruise. Along with the unique match-3 gameplay and a high-quality image system, it promises to create hits in recent times.

The Love Boat 2

Captain and love stories

In The Love Boat: Puzzle Cruise for iOS, you become a Happy Specialist and will help people on the yacht get attractive vacations. Participating in the challenge, players have the opportunity to explore addictive match-3 missions and are allowed to participate in the decoration for this yacht. On the yacht, there are many different couples resting, and you have the task of creating a romantic atmosphere or luxurious spaces to help people relax. Completing each match-3 mission will help you unlock and decorate new items on this yacht. Get through all the missions of the game and decorate your travels in your style. Using a lot of new furniture will make the yacht more exciting and beautiful.

The Love Boat 3


With the puzzle element, you will be provided with various match-3 missions. Each mission will ask you to collect buoys of different shapes and to collect them; you arrange the buoys of different shapes reasonably. Each buoy in the game will have its shape and color to distinguish; you need to arrange them in horizontal or vertical rows. Each time the arrangement needs three buoys with the same color shape or more to collect. Like other puzzle challenges, the game will have a limited number of arrangements.

The Love Boat: Puzzle Cruise for Android/iOS –  Gameplay

Completing each mission with the required objectives and good achievements will help you collect three stars. The more stars you collect, the more you unlock and discover more beautiful furniture. The furniture is prepared by the manufacturer and designed very beautifully. Each furniture will have its values ​​to own. Therefore, you need to have a plan to upgrade smart yachts to avoid waste and still create luxurious spaces for everyone on the yacht.

The Love Boat 3

To provide players with great relaxation times, the manufacturer has built a diverse and scientific mission system. You will have to perform challenges in different stages. If you complete the challenges and have a reasonable yacht upgrade plan, you will surely create romance for everyone. In general, the mission system is well built and will bring a lot of exciting experience.

The Love Boat 1


The Love Boat: Puzzle Cruise has sharp 3D graphics and gentle image design. To bring romance and luxury, the game is prepared with lots of attractive images. You have the opportunity to enjoy an elegant bar, a bustling swimming pool, and many other unique areas on the yacht. With bright colors, you will surely get a memorable travel itinerary.