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  • Platforms: Android 2.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 32 MB
  • Date Updated: May 6, 2019

Do you love stories about America’s far west? Do you want to explore the journey to the West and find out how Americans have built and developed this land? To understand the development of the West, explore The Oregon Trail: Settler. This is an interesting game, and it brings people to the content of building and managing the city in the West of the United States. Discover this game; you have the opportunity to enjoy many famous stories of a beautiful West. Currently, the game is available on Googleplay and is released by Gameloft.

The Oregon Trail Settler 2

The land is harsh

The Oregon Trail: Settler for iOS will take people to a harsh West with strong sun and wind. You and everyone have a duty to build beautiful towns to conquer this land. To create a beautiful town, you must overcome many real challenges along with a scientific management plan. Not only do you build a town, but you also have to ensure a comfortable and safe life for everyone in town. Many fascinating missions are waiting for you in the front, join now to become a powerful pioneer.

The Oregon Trail Settler 3

Challenge your perseverance

Coming to the West, you will face the harsh nature. You will have to find many different ways to grow and produce food. Besides, you have to build many different buildings to serve people and help develop the town. To do these tasks, you need a smart development plan and scientific calculation. You cannot create a town or a wheat field in a day. You must persevere and participate in many different tasks to complete the assigned work.

The Oregon Trail: Settler for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The mission of the pioneer

Faced with the weather and a harsh environment, players need to try to accomplish the basic tasks of the game such as building a house or growing a plant. At the beginning of the challenge, you are only allowed to build small-sized buildings and be allowed to plant several different fruit trees. Build many different buildings to help you collect the resources needed for town development. Plant and take care of a variety of plants to harvest and receive many bonuses.

The Oregon Trail Settler 4

At first, your amount of resources and bonuses is very small. So you need to use them appropriately. After creating stability, you are allowed to build and upgrade many new buildings. In addition to cultivating and caring for fields, you can also participate in raising many different types of cattle for economic development. Combining economic development plans and building infrastructure harmoniously. From there, you will create a beautiful and developed town.

The Oregon Trail Settler 1

Beautiful graphics

The Oregon Trail: Settler has beautiful 3D graphics and provides a lot of sharp images for everyone. With vividly designed image details, players will get authentic feelings and have a lot of fun experiences. The environment and scenery of the game are prepared in a variety of ways; it helps create comfort for the players and also brings many interesting challenges. Besides, the game also allows you to comfortably decorate many colors and different objects to help the town stand out.