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  • Platforms: Android 3.0 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 20 MB
  • Date Updated: October 11, 2018

Everyone is familiar with Endless Runner genre. This is a game genre that many people are interested in and love. Manufacturers also regularly launch new products of this category. In this article, I would like to introduce you one of the most popular Endless Runner games today, The Pit by Ketchapp producer.

the pit3

This is not a new game, but a lot of people are interested. Ketchapp is a famous French manufacturer in the mobile gaming market in the world with many impressive products. Space Frontier, Mr. Gun, Hit Knife, Ballz, Rider, etc.

the pit2

Endless Runner

This is an impressive game genre. Everyone was so excited to experience such games. The Pit for Android belongs to the genre Endless Runner, the game is very impressive when designed simply but not boring for players. The character in the game will automatically move, and you have the task of helping the character overcome the obstacles along the way. To help your character overcome the obstacles, simply act on the screen of the device. One touch will make the character jump over the obstacles or two touches on the device’s screen to help your character jump further.

the pit1

The obstacles will increase as you run. Obstacles include traps, obstacles, etc. The longer you run, the faster your speed will be. Therefore, you need to pay close attention and calmly handle the situation to overcome the obstacles. In addition to the task of overcoming the obstacles, you also need to eat gold coins appear on the map. Gold coins will be used to purchase new characters in the shop. Accumulate a lot of gold money to have the opportunity to own many lovely and beautiful characters. Running distance will be calculated equal to the number of points you scored during a play. So try to run as far as possible and create your record.

The Pit for Android/iOS – Gameplay


The Pit APK Mod is designed by the manufacturer Ketchapp with impressive graphics. The game has nice 3D graphics and streamlined game layouts. Helps players stay comfortable and not boring when playing the game. Motion details in the game are designed to be smoother. The colors of the game are beautifully designed and easy to see.

the pit 1


Do you require good quality gameplay and easy to understand gameplay? The Pit is a perfect choice for you. This is a highly entertaining game that is suitable for all ages. Games are now available in stores of GooglePlay and App Store. In particular, the game is not exposed to ads when you are playing a game where your device is already connected to the internet.