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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
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  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: January 17, 2019

Do you want to experience and explore medieval life? Discovering the various activities of medieval rulers is a unique experience that you should not miss. Let The Royal Affairs help you experience the rich life and become a warlord in the medieval period. With an impressive simulation system, you will enjoy many authentic activities and discover how everyday life in medieval times takes place. With the lively construction of Reality Squared Games producer, players will love the exciting challenges and addictive activities of this game.

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Exciting simulation game

The Royal Affairs for iOS provides a very realistic simulation system that helps you enjoy exciting activities during the medieval period. You will become a rich man, and you are a member of the royal family. You must participate in many unique challenges to experience the dangerous ambitions of a member of the royal family. Participate in the experience of political stories and compete for the rule, discover romantic stories along with many mysteries around. This game is an unexpected adventure journey so you can experience many fascinating stories.

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Expand your power by diplomacy

By becoming a member of the royal family, you can hold a lot of power in hand. The player has the task of developing and expanding his ability to influence himself in the royal family. You must meet many different figures in the political world such as the dukes, princesses or princesses. Meet these people and build many romantic stories so they can help you expand your power. After completing the romance stories, you will start building political marriages to gather many members to work for you. Political marriages are very important, so you should choose powerful characters and relationships.

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Political activity is not simple, completing political marriages is the first step for you to compete with the other characters. To create an impact for themselves, players will need a smart strategy to build an intelligence system and loyalists. Successfully building an intelligence system and creating a loyal force is a very complicated task. You must focus on building relationships and need more time to ensure the plan is successful. You need to watch out for enemies sending spies inside your staff system

Monitor enemies and build alliances

In a political war, you can meet many dangerous enemies, and they will find many different ways to destroy you. Therefore, you need to monitor the activities of the enemy to give the attack and defence options reasonably. Besides, players need to build many relationships and create alliances. Creating alliances and sharing benefits helps you gain more support and limit other enemies. Monitor your enemies and create your alliance, become the leader of the country and defeat all opponents who dare to compete with you.

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You will not be able to miss this game

The Royal Affairs APK Mod is an impressive simulation game, the crazy activities and tasks of this game will help you get authentic experiences about the political battles in the royal family. Besides, you will see many unexpected changes of people in different circumstances. Today is an ally and tomorrow will become an enemy, the craziest challenges are waiting for you ahead.