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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 364 MB
  • Date Updated: June 30, 2018

The Trail is a great game for those who love the long journey, the game released by Kongregate. Players will have the opportunity to make an endless journey in this game, explore many lands and meet other people on the journey. This game is a perfect combination of different styles, promising to bring a lot of interesting and unique experience for players. By 2016, this game has been rated by players around the world as the best adventure game. The game is currently available on Android and iOS. Let’s explore the exciting adventure The Trail APK.

the trail 2

An endless journey

Entering the game, the player becomes an explorer. You will take control of your character making an endless journey to explore the new land in the beautiful world of the game. Map of the game will be very large; you can control your character move to wherever you like. You can also stop in the village on the side of the road and take a rest to recover your health and continue your journey. If you have been bored of wandering around, you can choose a town and choose a job for your character.

the trail 3

The game has a lot of different occupations to choose from, so you can learn new skills such as crafting or trading. These skills will help you become richer and accomplish many purposes that you desire. You use the money you earn in the game to buy new clothes for your character. The costume system of the game is huge, and players will feel very excited when their characters are wearing unique outfits. Also, players can use their money to build towns and unlock the mysterious features of the game.

the trail 1

The Trail – Discover a Frontier Adventure!

With so many unique and innovative features, players will be very excited about their journey. The Trail Mod Favours is a combination of different genres such as Endless Runner, Urban Development, Fabrication … When experiencing the different features of the game, players will have completely new sensations.

the trail 4

Graphics and sound

The Trail Mod Money has a beautifully animated 3D graphics system. This is a game that has a very open world, and the graphics of the game are also well optimized to operate smoothly on many mobile devices. The characters and surroundings in the game are displayed quite clearly. Each region in the game has its style and makes the player always feel new. The voices of the characters and sounds of nature are described as very lively.

the trail 5


The Trail is a game with unique gameplay with a variety of styles; players will have the most enjoyable experience in their endless journey. The graphical design of the game is also very user-friendly, of any age can participate in this gentle adventure game. These are my comments when it comes to The Trail. If you like this game, you can download the game here.

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