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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: September 2, 2019

In the animal kingdom, animals will be arranged in different positions in the natural food chain. In particular, predators are often arranged at high positions in the food chain. When it comes to the famous carnivores of the natural world, we can tell many different outstanding names (crocodiles, tigers, lions, jaguars, wolves, …).

The Wolf 2

Among the famous carnivores, wolves are a popular animal. Simply because they bring intense emotions and confidence for everyone. In the world, wolves are a symbol of many different cultures. Referring to wolves, you cannot ignore the herd nature and their excellent teamwork ability. Want to know more about this animal? Please download and enjoy The Wolf.

The powerful wolves

With the simulation element, Swift Apps manufacturer will bring a real and fierce natural world for everyone to explore. Coming to The Wolf for iOS, you will have the opportunity to better understand this proud and beautiful animal. The game will allow you to own and control a wolf of your own. Controlling a wolf will bring you many unexpected challenges in the wild. Your mission is to upgrade and maintain the survival of your wolf. However, survival in the wild world will be very difficult. Therefore, you need perseverance and courage to overcome many challenges of the game.

The Wolf for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Enjoy the wild world from the look of a wolf

After becoming a wolf, you will have to find a way to survive in the natural world. From there, you can move and explore many new lands. To survive, you need to perform hunting missions to maintain energy and avoid being destroyed by larger animals (elephants, hippos, lions, …). If you want to hunt, you need to choose the right goals and suit your skills.

The Wolf 3

Besides survival missions, the manufacturer also allows you to collect many different types of wolves and upgrade them. The wolves in the game are all designed with a unique skill system. There will be three skill systems for you to explore and they will change over time after each upgrade. The skill systems are divided into the following order: Basic, Aura, and Special. To make upgrades for characters, you need to complete many different requirements. The upgrade of skills will help your wolf have the endurance to survive in each harsh wild world.

The Wolf 4

A special feature of The Wolf that will interest you is that the challenges of the game will take place in the online form. Meaning you will be able to meet many other players to survive and compete together. Or you can join together with many other players and create a herd. Joining a team will help improve your survival rate in the natural world. When participating in the herd, you will need skillful coordination with other members to survive and grow together.