• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: June 17, 2019

Thief Rivals: Race of Trouble Makers – Crazy and exciting online races. If you love online challenges and want to compete with multiple players at the same time, this game is an option that suits you. Join the race in this game; you get a lot of fun. Your opponents will use different types of traps to defeat you and win. Try to survive this exciting race and defeat your opponents with your clever controls.

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Thief Rivals: Race of Trouble Makers for iOS is a race of thieves and precious rewards. You will have to overcome your opponents and many different pitfalls to collect treasures. After successfully collecting the treasures, you must bring them back to the starting position to win. There are only three unique positions (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) for the winner. Those who complete the challenge slowly will suffer defeat and lose their rewards.

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Fierce races

When participating in races, you will be randomly arranged with nine other players. You are responsible for defeating the other nine opponents and collecting valuable rewards. Your race will take place on many different map types, and each map will have its route system. Therefore, you must have a quick observation and good control of the character to complete the match.

Thief Rivals: Race of Trouble Makers for Android/iOS – Gameplay

To avoid obstacles and pitfalls along the way, perform a touch operation on the screen, and your character will jump in the air. In particular, your character can jump higher and farther when you perform touch and hold hands on the screen. There are many types of traps and obstacles that will appear along the way. Try to control the character wisely to complete the task with the shortest time.

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Item system

Completing the races in this game is not simple; you and other players will have to use a variety of different items to win. The manufacturer has prepared a directory of the battle deck. With this directory, you will be given a choice of different items to use in races. You can use shields to protect yourself from enemy pitfalls. Or you use bombs to get your opponents out of the race for a short time and many other tools.

Thief Rivals: Race of Trouble Makers has a rich item system. If you use proper support items and incorporate clever controls, it will help to complete the match quickly. However, other players also have their strategies, and you are not allowed to be subjective. The opponents also use many pitfalls to prevent you from completing the mission. So the upcoming races will be very fun and unique. Using scientific support items is the key to helping you defeat your opponents.

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In addition to selecting items and using in each race. You are also responsible for upgrading the items you own — upgrading items to improve usage time and increase damage inflicted on your opponents. Items are prepared as cards, and you must collect the same cards to upgrade items.