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  • Platforms: Android 6.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: September 19, 2019

Besides the trend of building challenges with addictive or straightforward content. Some manufacturers now choose a unique development path of their own. Instead of developing new games, these manufacturers will edit and release popular games from PC platforms to mobile platforms. In particular, HandyGames is a manufacturer that has achieved much success in bringing players impressive challenges on the PC platform for mobile devices.

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Among the games that have been released, This Is the Police 2 is the name that stands out and receives much attention from people. With the mobile version and unique simulation challenges. This game will help you become a sheriff, and you are tasked with managing a large land. As a sheriff, you have to protect people from many dangers from various social evils.

This Is the Police 2 3

Complex stories and challenges

The vast piece of land you will have to manage is called Sharpwood. Here, social evils and mafia gangs are very active. Besides, residents living in this land do not have sympathy for the police force. Therefore, you face many different dangers. You must not overly trust anyone, other than members of your police force. The number of cases you need to solve in this land is huge. Also, criminal organizations are very dangerous, and they will find a way to destroy your police force. Are you well prepared to be ready for this fierce battle?

This Is the Police 2 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Monitoring and investigation

With the duties of the sheriff, you are allowed to control a police force of your own. Instead of directly involved in investigating crime scenes at the scene, you have to develop work plans and arrange police officers in many different areas. Each case will involve many different characters and take a long time to complete. Therefore, you must be persistent and not subjective.

When investigating cases, you have to mobilize your characters to different locations to gather information. Talk to people around the scene or relevant people to get a variety of information. Information gathering is important. If you have good and accurate information, you can quickly complete the case in a short time.

This Is the Police 2 4

Besides simple cases, you also face many more dangerous and complex cases in This Is the Police 2 for iOS. The police force must participate in fierce gun battles with mafia gangs will occur regularly. At that time, you must have smart strategies to kill the criminals and ensure the safety of members of your police force.

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This Is the Police 2 is sure to make people happy with complex and crazy challenges. Besides, the challenges of this game also require people to have good thinking and perseverance. Each case will need different periods to complete. In addition to investigating dangerous cases, you must also maintain security and order in the area you manage.