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  • Date Updated: April 16, 2019

Three Kingdoms: Epic War – History is always interesting content for producers to use to create new games. Do you like Chinese history and want to learn many interesting stories in this country. Discover this game to enjoy many fascinating historical stories of the famous Three Kingdoms era in Chinese history. Besides unique historical stories, you also meet many famous characters of the Three Kingdoms anecdotes.

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When you experience Three Kingdoms: Epic War for iOS, you have the opportunity to explore one of China’s famous historical periods. This is a fierce battle between the three countries: Wei, Shu, and Wu. All three countries want to eliminate the remaining rivals to unify China. With the story system built on historical events, you will discover a unique role-playing game and be combined with many addictive strategic elements. You are allowed to compete with many other players to become the best leader.

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Attractive role-playing factor

You will become a commander and build your army to compete with many players. You will enjoy the game with many familiar images of the genre MMORPG with smooth movements of the character. Besides, you can also move and explore many different cities. You will receive many combat missions and face many enemies. To own an army of your own, you need to overcome the challenges that are required. Overcoming each challenge will help you get experience points, bonuses and the opportunity to recruit commanders for your army. There are many commanders with different units of soldiers such as infantry, cavalry or archers.

Three Kingdoms: Epic War for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Besides recruiting commanders for the army, you also have to collect many different items to equip the characters. Equipping items for the commander will help improve the fighting power for the unit they are controlling. In particular, each character has his special fighting skills. Therefore, it is important to equip items for the commander and help your army become more powerful. In addition to collecting items to equip characters, you also need to upgrade these special skills. Upgrading skills will make fighting easier and create more advantages before the enemy.

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Classic strategic elements

Coming to battle challenges and fierce battlefields, you will experience a team battle system. Each commander will correspond to a different unit of soldiers, possessing more commanders, the more soldiers you have. Before each battle, you must arrange a battle formation. The arrangement of battle formation should be carefully calculated to avoid major casualties for your army. If you arrange it properly, your soldiers can surround the enemy and destroy them in a short time. In contrast, unreasonable team layout will cause your soldiers to take a lot of damage and be excluded from the map.

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Besides strategic elements in the battle, you also discover the strategic element in the game’s guild system. You can create your guild or join other guilds to experience. The guild system of the game is carefully built with many different features. When you join the guild, all your actions affect others. So you need to have different development strategies to build your army and support your guild.

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Three Kingdoms: Epic War brings fascinating stories of history. Besides, you can meet and fight with many players to help you get many new experiences in the fierce battlefield.