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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 60 MB
  • Date Updated: January 3, 2019

Games with light and interesting content are always interested by people because these are games that help players get the best relaxation. These games always make you experience constantly to get many attractive achievements. Speaking of simple content, it is impossible to ignore the products of Outfit7 Limited, a manufacturer familiar to everyone. And the latest product of Outfit7 Limited is called Tiki Tag; this is an interesting game that promises to bring unique and addictive experiences.

tiki tag 1

Impressive style

As mentioned, Tiki Tag for iOS will bring you a very interesting experience besides light and easy-to-understand content. You will experience vast lands with many enemies around, and they want to destroy you. Players will have to move wisely on the map to collect powerful warriors while moving and avoiding enemy attacks. Your mission is to collect many warriors as you move around the map, collecting many warriors will help you get a high score and help you survive better when surrounded by many dangerous enemies.

tiki tag 2

Interesting and exciting challenges

Tiki Tag APK Mod¬†provides an easy-to-understand control system; you will touch and hold on the device’s screen to control the characters. You will have to move continuously to collect good warriors and create a strong army. On the way to move and collect warriors, you will encounter many enemies in large numbers. You will have to move wisely to collect many warriors and avoid enemy attacks. Each warrior you collect will be equivalent to a certain number of points, and each enemy has a certain score. If you touch the enemy, you will be deducted from the number of points that the enemy owns. Therefore, you need to move flexibly and avoid touching enemies with large points. Because if you touch a lot of enemies with a big score, you will be defeated and have to play again.

tiki tag 3

To create a powerful army and get impressive scores, you will have to collect many diamonds along the way to improve the score. Or you can collect trophies to double the bonus points and create new achievements. To upgrade and create a strong army, players will have to collect many warriors and move to the power tower. The power towers will help upgrade your warriors and help you survive better before the surrounding enemies.

Tiki Tag for Android/iOS – Gameplay


This game is designed with lovely image style with many beautiful details, helping players get more interesting experiences. The map and space of the game are designed to provide a flexible and endless movement to help the experience not be boring. Besides, the layout is simple but brings comfort to help you create many outstanding achievements.

tiki tag 4


Similar to the previous products of Outfit7 Limited, Tiki Tag provides light and interesting experiences. These can help you quickly get used to the game and get the experience simple and fun. Gentle content helps people feel comfortable and create fun experiences. At the same time, you will not have to meet complex conditions that make entertainment rigid and boring.