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  • Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 40 MB
  • Date Updated: October 18, 2018

In the mobile game market, there are many impressive manufacturers. And the most popular mobile game producer is Ketchapp. This is a game maker based in Paris, France. Ketchapp was founded by two French brothers, Michel Morcos and Antoine Morcos on March 7, 2014. Ketchapp producer has released many impressive games and is loved by many. Like 2048, Run Bird Run, Stack, Do Not Touch The Spikes, etc. There is currently a game produced by Ketchapp that is loved by many as Time Jump.

time jump 2

New and impressive game

Time Jump for iOS released by Ketchapp is considered to be a hit in 2018. The game has very interesting and easy gameplay. Games with content related to the watch. Watches are one of the most frequently used items of people. It helps us to arrange the time to work, study and rest. Join the game you will have the task to overcome the challenges that the game requires.

time jump 3

To experience the game, players simply touch the screen of the device you are using. When you touch the screen, your character will jump higher and avoid the obstacles that are moving to your location. The obstacles will move clockwise or counterclockwise. With one touch you will jump high and avoid the obstacles. But when you touch and hold, you will slow down time in the game.

time jump 4

Level and collect

The game has many different levels for you and everyone to experience. Each level will have its impression. At the beginning level, obstacles in the game will move slowly to help you easily overcome. But at harder levels, the obstacles will move faster, and you will have a lot of difficulties completing that level. After completing certain levels of the game, you will be giving the game a new character – Jumper. Try to complete many levels of the game and collect for yourself the most impressive and beautiful jumper.

Time Jump – Android/iOS Gameplay (By Ketchapp)

Sound and graphics

Although the game has very simple and easy to understand gameplay, but the sound of the game is very impressive and excellent. The first impression of the game is the sound. The game is produced by Ketchapp producer for an addictive and easy listening system. The impressive sound of the game will make you feel excited and do not want to stop playing the game. The graphics of the game are also beautifully designed and sophisticated. Each level has its color. The layout and visual detail of the game are well prepared. Motion and visual effects of motion games are very flexible and beautiful.

time jump 1

The best game I ever played

Want to have an impressive and light entertainment game? But also in-game to have sound easy to hear and interesting? Time Jump is an impressive and unique game, fulfilling the two requirements that you just mentioned. The game’s sound and gameplay are the two most impressive aspects of the game that you should not miss. Currently, games are available on the App Store and GooglePlay. You are interested in the game; please click on the share link at the bottom of my post.

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