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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • File size: 58 MB
  • Date Updated: June 28, 2019

An exciting survival challenge is ahead, are you ready to join? Overcoming many honest activities to become a survivor, are you confident to survive in a harsh environment? All will be answered when experiencing Tinker Island, a fascinating survival game with a unique visual background. Discover your survival instincts and new lands. Addictive gameplay and a content familiar to everyone join now, enjoy many interesting pictures and unique survival missions of the game.

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Tinker Island for iOS was developed with a fascinating story, you are moving on the ocean, and your boat has an accident. A shipwreck happened, and you fainted, when you awoke, you found yourself lying on a deserted island with lots of trees around. Unable to communicate with people or send help signals, you must participate in the harsh survival activity. Move around the island to find a chance to survive. Search for victims like you in the shipwreck and discover many dark secrets around the island.

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Despite being developed with a genre of survival, Kongregate producer offers more bright images with a unique 8-bit graphic. The space of the game is large and possesses many beautiful colours. All details are carefully designed to provide a true survival challenge for players — user-friendly interface when easily manipulated. You have the opportunity to experience many exciting survival challenges and not too harsh to relax.

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Salient features

Tinker Island APK Mod allows you to experience different characters. Compared to games of the same genre, you are only allowed to engage with one character. But in this game, you will get many interesting activities when being controlled and experiencing many characters at the same time. Each character has unique characteristics that players need to understand. Therefore, you need to use the characters reasonably so that all can survive. You will receive many different tasks, exploiting the strengths of each character in each mission to get many outstanding achievements. Participate in the building, discover new places and accumulate food.

Tinker Island: Survival Story – Castaways lost in the vast sea

Your challenges and tasks need a certain amount of time to complete. Therefore, you can accomplish many tasks at the same time. Build a science plan to accomplish many different tasks. Arrange and use the characters in the most logical way. Performing tasks with incorrect arrangements will take you a long time or fail.

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Many levels of diversity

With the use of many attractive characters and survival activities, you will experience many different levels and challenges. Each level will bring a unique impression for everyone to experience. Overcome many challenges and missions to upgrade characters. Surviving in a harsh environment is not easy, so you have to take on many different levels to win. Many new levels will help develop the game and create more exciting experiences.

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Possessing many beautiful images and a familiar challenge, Tinker Island is the best choice to join after working hard. Easily experience in many different locations with an easy-to-use control system. Many fun activities to challenge your ability to organize your plan and you will enjoy it.