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  • Platforms: Android 4.3 or later iOS 7.0 or later
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  • File size: 173 MB
  • Date Updated: July 13, 2018

If you are a defence game enthusiast, Tiny Archers released by 1DER Entertainment will be a great choice. Unlike other defence games, you will be a defender in this game. You will face many different challenges to protect your castle and its people. With unique gameplay and beautiful graphic design, the game will give players the unique and exciting experience.

tiny archers 1


In the fantasy world of the game, there is a large country that loves peace. The people living in this country are very good, and they always help other countries. One day, the great Orc army emerged from the mysterious forest that created the war and made the conspiracy to invade powerful nations. The most useful tool against the mighty Orc army is the use of turrets and gunners. You will become a gunner in this game, defeat all enemies and secure your country. Can you be the best gunner?

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When you come to Tiny Archers APK Download, you will become a gunner. Your task is to use your arrow to knock down all enemies and protect your kingdom and people from the war. Like many other defence games, you will have to overcome many different levels of difficulty to defend your kingdom. Each level of difficulty will have more enemies and more dangerous monsters. You will have to do the right thing to defeat all enemies and defend the castle successfully. Also, you can hire two more gunners to help them do more defensive work.

tiny archers 3

Upgrade your weapon

You are a sniper; the bow is the tool to help you destroy your enemy. Therefore, you will need to upgrade your bows to be able to destroy large and powerful monsters in higher difficulty levels. You can use the bonus you receive after completing various difficulty levels to purchase new bows or upgrade your weapon. Of course, your ultimate goal will be the best and most powerful weapons. The new bow types are capable of producing even greater damage to enemies and do not forget to upgrade these weapons to get more power.

Tiny Archers – The Bow Fighting Action!

Beautiful graphics

Tiny Archers Mod Gems have beautiful 2D graphic design and bright colours. The character and surroundings are designed to be very clear and sharp. Various character effects are described very well just like in real life. The sound of the game co-ordinates well with the graphic design to bring the most enjoyable experience to the player.

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Tiny Archers Mod Money is a high-tempo defence game where players will have the most comfortable and fun moments. Show yourself as a skilled gunner by joining the game now!