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  • Date Updated: July 19, 2019

In the RPG challenges, players must seek and equip good item for their characters to enhance their fighting power. Items play an important role and help players gain many different advantages on the battlefield. If not equipped with good value items, your character will have many difficulties in fighting and performing missions. So where do you have to search and collect the necessary equipment?

Tiny Shop 2

First, you can collect them after completing some special missions. However, special missions are often very complicated, and players need good support items to be able to complete them. Therefore, everyone’s best option is to buy items in stores. From the above requirements, do you want to own a unique store of your own to create and deliver attractive items for everyone? If you are interested, explore Tiny Shop APK Mod. It is an engaging management game and allows you to enjoy business challenges.

Tiny Shop 3

Become a boss

Join Tiny Shop for iOS; you have the opportunity to own and manage an attractive store. Here, you will provide and sell people products that suit their needs. Each product will have a unique value and will bring you many different profits. Discover this game and show your smart business ability. If you create smart business plans, you can get lots of bonuses and expand your store. In contrast, non-scientific business and management will take you a long time to accumulate bonuses to upgrade your store.

Tiny Shop: Cute RPG store for Android/iOS


Your business challenges will be arranged according to a level system. You need to sell many different products to customers to gain experience points and level up. The basic levels allow you to trade items of small value, and you will get fewer experience points. From small value products, you need a lot of time to accumulate experience and level up. After achieving new levels, you can trade products of greater value. From there, help bring you more profits or experience points.

Tiny Shop 4

Each product will have different values ​​, and you need to achieve the required levels to be able to market new products. The manufacturer has built a market for you to discover and import new products. This market word, you will find different sources of goods to serve customers. To ensure a stable business, you need to sell a variety of goods. If your store does not sell a variety of goods, the number of customers interested in your store will be reduced. From there, you can lose a stable and slowly growing source of income.

Tiny Shop 4

In addition to business management challenges, Tiny Shop also allows you to be creative and decorated for your store. Besides providing products tailored to the needs of customers. You also have to create a comfortable and beautiful space inside your shop. With a pleasant space, customers will often exchange and buy and sell at your store. The number of decorative objects of the game is very diverse, with many different shapes and colors. Try to reach the required levels and expand the store to be able to use many decorative items at the same time.