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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 84 MB
  • Date Updated: August 29, 2019

For fans of manga and anime, Tokyo Ghoul is a popular and popular work. In addition to the compelling storyline, this work is also appreciated in the character-building in Tokyo Ghoul. From people’s interest in this work and its impressive content. Bandai Namco producer has released a unique RPG game with similar content and it is named Tokyo Ghoul: Rebirth. With this game, you will have the opportunity to discover many famous characters and enjoy the beautiful fighting skills of each character. Besides, the game also received much positive feedback on excellent image quality and beautiful graphics.

tokyo ghoul re birth 2

Continue the story

Because it is based on the famous story system of Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul: Rebirth for iOS will continue to bring people fierce battles between the two races, Ghoul and Human. The battle between Ghoul and Human is becoming more intense when human forces have developed many powerful weapons to destroy the Ghoul. In contrast, the mysterious forces of Ghoul also began to appear and participate in this war of survival.

TOKYO GHOUL for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Defeat rivals and control new lands

With content revolving around the battle between Ghoul and Human, players are tasked with building a team of their warriors to participate in this great battle. From team building and team fighting, the game will bring people to turn-based genre. Each battle, the battle formation you are allowed to use will have a maximum of six members with two different battle positions (Front Row and Back Row).

tokyo ghoul re birth 3

To be able to create an impressive combat squad, you need to collect and upgrade continuously for your characters. In addition to the basic characters provided, you must complete many special requirements to be able to summon and use new characters. Besides, each character will be built with a unique skill system and battle skills for you to explore. Group and turn-based combat will require you to grasp the power and features of each character. From there, you can build and use many clever strategies to win.

tokyo ghoul re birth 4

Diverse game modes

Compared to games of the same genre, Tokyo Ghoul: Rebirth is currently receiving more positive reviews because it possesses many attractive game modes. Besides fighting according to the plot system, the producer also prepared many fierce battle missions for everyone to enjoy (Raid, Territory, …). In particular, each game mode will offer its challenges and rewards. Owning a variety of game modes will allow people to freely create and build many different strategies. From the collected characters, you can constantly upgrade and create many different battle squads to use in each game mode. With each game mode, you can easily test many different battle squads and conquer these unique challenges in your ways.