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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 39 MB
  • Date Updated: July 4, 2018

Recently, the famous game maker Playgendary has launched their new entertainment game called Tomb of the Mask. This is a simple and engaging Arcade game; the manufacturer has made a big hit in the mobile market in June with this extremely simple game. Previously, Playgendary was successful with many different games such as Kick the Buddy, Partymasters – Fun Idle Game, Happy Racing … These games are very successful, and they own beautiful graphic design. You will be surprised to see a simple game that this developer released. Do they want to pass Voodoo or Ketchapp with their simple games?

tomb of the mask 2

Traps-filled labyrinth

Step into Tomb of the Mask APK Mod; you will become a small character. You will take control of your character through the vast maze in the virtual world of this game. Your character finds a mysterious mask in this maze and can climb up walls easily. This will be the most basic skill to help you make the journey in the endless labyrinth of the game. The game will be divided into several difficulty levels, and you will face increasing difficulty corresponding to the time you make the journey.

tomb of the mask 3

You will have to use your fingers to press the left, right, top, bottom of the screen to control the direction of movement of the character. Your character will automatically cling to different types of terrains in the maze. Note: Your character can only move in the vertical or horizontal direction. The game will bring a lot of different challenges to hinder the player. You will have to control your character to avoid all the pitfalls that the game offers to survive and complete the level of difficulty.

tomb of the mask 4

Tomb of the Mask – Traps-filled labyrinth

Along the way, you will find a lot of gems. Try to collect these gems to use other features in the game’s store. Gemstones will help you unlock new characters. New characters will come in a variety of shapes and colours. You will have more fun experience when being in control of a new character and making the journey in the endless labyrinth.

tomb of the mask 5

Simple graphics

Tomb of the Mask Mod Money owns the extremely simple 2D graphic design. The graphic design of the game is unique and is enjoyed by many people by its simplicity. The animation effects of the characters are displayed very clearly. You can easily control your character through various pitfalls with simple and clear graphic design. The sound of the game is quite fun and makes the player feel happy.

tomb of the mask 1


Tomb of the Mask is a game with very simple and addictive gameplay. The game has received great success right after launching the market. Shortly, this game will be very popular. If you like this game, you can use our link to download the game easily.