Tomb Raider is a very well-known adventure and action movie in 2018, which focuses on the audience’s interest in exploring content and investigating many supernatural phenomena. From compelling content on, many adventure games and action have been produced. The most impressive of the products is Tomb Survivor by Leiting Games producer. This is one of the most exciting adventure games yet, along with the impressive storyline of the game is a series of intense fighting activities. The game experience will bring you and everyone a lot of suspense and mystery when playing this game.

tomb survivor 1

Adventure Games

When you experience the game, you will be engaged in great and fascinating adventures; players will be exploring many different tombs to find precious treasure. Inside the crypts are a series of labyrinths and mysterious, dangerous paths waiting for you inside the paths. Courage and knowledge are the only strengths that make you complete the game. The game offers a variety of puzzles to challenge those who want to discover the secret, in addition to confronting many dangerous enemies.

tomb survivor 2

The story of the game involves an ancient story; the three ancient kings have succeeded in finding the immortal spell that everyone wants to own. The later generations of these three kings tried to find this immortal remedy but no one succeeded in using this cure. Only one king has found this immortal remedy through mysterious caves; the king has left clues about immortal remedies and left the Immortal Identity at Mundane World. You will become the protagonist of the game with the task of finding this mysterious remedy, which will provide a variety of challenges for you to overcome.

tomb survivor 4

A dangerous journey

In Tomb Survivor for iOS you will find the mystery surrounding many different maps in the game. With some items equipped you will have to move constantly around many crypts to find clues and accumulate more items. You will go down the catacombs, try to keep your torch lit because inside the catacombs there are demons that are hiding to find the opportunity to attack you and everyone. Inside the tombs there are many traps, you must move carefully to avoid them and find the clues safely and quickly. In particular, the game is designed with a lot of puzzles and impressive content to challenge everyone in the game. For example, Divine Night Provinces and Five Mountains Chain Traps, Puzzle Plate, Mirror Maze and many other crazy puzzles.

Tomb Survivor – Immersive Tomb-raiding Puzzle

In the game you have to fight with many dangerous demons, some maps have the task of destroying these demons and then you will receive the offer of the game. However, to destroy them and people need to search and equip the necessary items to survive. If you can not destroy them or risk losing, then you can run away, limiting the chance that you are killed because you will have to replay and lose a lot of items. Use moves, accumulate items, use rational, quickly accumulate the hints of the game and limit the fight with demons to discover the mystery surrounding this game.

tomb survivor 4

You will love this game

Tomb Survivor is the most exciting adventure and action game this winter. The content and gameplay of the game will make you want to experience non-stop. The graphics of the game are beautiful and simple, the images in the game are carefully prepared and sophisticated with a steady motion. Besides, the game also has an excellent sound quality, the sound of the game extremely suspense and intense. You will experience a lot of fear and startle in this game. This is a great game with great content, graphics and sounds, the game experience to uncover many mysteries and relaxing fun.