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Following the impressive success of Candy Crush Saga series on the mobile platform. There are dozens of puzzle games also released and bring intense competition among game makers in this topic. When it comes to puzzle challenges, you can mention some other outstanding names like Farm Heroes Saga or Pet Rescue Saga. These puzzle challenges are very interesting, and it fits the simple entertainment needs of many people today.

toon blast 2

To compete with today’s fascinating puzzle games, Peak Games producer has released a new product of them and it is called Toon Blast. This is one of the most popular puzzle challenges today.

Exciting adventure journey

Like the current puzzle challenges, each game has its unique plot for people to learn. Like Toon Blast APK Mod, it will give you an interesting adventure story of 3 different characters. The three characters mentioned are Wally, Cooper, and Bruno. They are all animals living in ecological forests next to the big cities. With their curiosity, all three characters decided to cross the boundaries of the forest and explore human cities. So, you have the task of helping the three characters of the game and overcome many different challenges to help them discover the life of mankind.

toon blast 3

Explore big cities

On the journey to explore the cities around the reserve, Wally, Cooper, and Bruno need to complete many different puzzles to explore new places in the city. Each location will provide dozens of different challenges, and they are arranged by each level. You can only discover new locations after passing the levels in the old locations. New locations will be unlocked when you collect enough three stars in each level at the old location.

Toon Blast – Blast the cubes, solve puzzle!

Match – 3 challenge is a familiar challenge for everyone, and you can easily get used to the game in a short time. Coming to the journey of exploring the city, the levels will require you to collect different square blocks. The prepared square blocks have their colors and symbols. And you need to collect square blocks with the same colors and symbols to complete the level. Each level has its requirements for the number of square blocks you need to collect. The higher the level, the number of square blocks to collect.

toon blast 4

To collect square blocks in each level, you need to arrange square blocks in vertical or horizontal rows. Square blocks with their colors and symbols will be arranged chaos together. Therefore, you need to watch carefully before arranging square blocks to get the best result. Besides the number of square blocks to collect, you are also limited in the ability to move. Therefore, players need to have good calculations and good observations when exploring each level.

toon blast 1

Lovely graphics

Toon Blast has beautiful 3D graphics with lovely cartoon style. The interface of the game is relatively simple and makes it easier to control. One of the prominent elements of a puzzle game is the color system. This game has a diverse color system and harmonizes well with the interface of the game. From there, it helps players to have fun experiences without feeling tired.