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  • Date Updated: August 5, 2019

High-speed racing always leaves a big impression on people. Every year, the world organizes many different racing competitions to satisfy the passion of the fans. However, fans also need games to satisfy their passion perfectly. Many developers have created exciting racing games with different gameplay to satisfy everyone’s needs. Recently, Top Speed ​​2 is the name that people mentioned a lot because of the unique experiences that it brings. You will have the opportunity to become a real racer and join many different races to defeat other opponents and become the best racer.

Top Speed 2 2

New and exciting races

Top Speed ​​2 for iOS will take players to a new world, where the glory of the riders is everything. You will participate in exciting races to win and achieve many outstanding achievements. The race in this game is very special, you will have to compete with another opponent, and all you need to do is increase the speed to win. Speed ​​is the deciding factor for your victory; you will need powerful vehicles to overcome your opponent. However, the game will arrange for you to compete with competitors with the same ability as you. Win lots of victories to get bonuses and be able to compete with stronger opponents in the game.

Top Speed 2: Drag Rivals & Nitro Racing

Upgrade Car

As mentioned above, you need to own powerful racing cars to be able to win more easily. In the game store, there are many different racing cars to choose from. However, powerful cars will cost a lot, and you need to accumulate bonuses for a long time to buy them. You can upgrade the racing car you own to help them become stronger. The upgrade of a race car will cost less than buying a new car, make a reasonable choice to become a stronger racer.

Top Speed 2 3

Sharp graphics and vivid sound

With racing games, graphics and sound are crucial factors for the player’s experience. Top Speed ​​2 APK Mod satisfies players with its sharp graphics system, the car and the surrounding landscape are designed in great detail and gives players the most authentic experience. In addition to graphic elements, the sound of the game is also designed very nicely. From the very beginning of the race, you can hear the moan of the engine and other noises practically. In the race, the music and sound effects of the car combine to create unforgettable experiences for the player.

Top Speed 2 4


Top Speed ​​2 will satisfy players with the most exciting races. New racing cars and unique gameplay will help you have the most authentic experience. You can invite your friends to join this game to compete and achieve impressive achievements.