• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 680 MB
  • Date Updated: July 24, 2018

Torque Drift is a new racing game released by League of Monkeys. Players will have the opportunity to become a great rider in this game. You will use your racing car to participate in high-speed races. The game will give players a lot of the most exciting experience. Right now, we are going to learn about this fascinating racing game.

torque drift 2

Drift and win

Entering the game, players will become a true racer. You will control your car and participate in fierce races to prove you are the best racer. Initially, you will be taking part in the tutorial mode of the game to get the most basic insights into this game. The game will teach you how to control your car and how to use other features. Then you will start participating in exciting races to overcome the other opponents. Each race can be considered as a separate level of difficulty; players will have to overcome many challenges that other competitors bring.

torque drift 3

During the race, you will have to use the Drift skill to maintain the speed of the car and pass the other players. This is a basic skill but very difficult to do, and players will need to practice for a long time to be able to use it in a proficient manner. Also, you must also control the speed of the car properly; this is an extremely important decision to your victory. Other rivals can control their speed proficiently, and they will wait for you to make mistakes and surpass you. Therefore, players will need to learn a variety of different skills in this game to be able to become a good racer.

torque drift 4

Change your style

After completing the race, players will receive a bonus corresponding to their ranking in the race. You can use the bonus to buy new cars in the game’s store. The more powerful the new car will help you overcome the other opponents easily. Also, you can change the appearance of your car. Players will have more fun experience when they own the unique car and participate in the next race.

Torque Drift for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Impressive graphics

When it comes to racing games, players are often interested in their graphic design. Therefore, the manufacturer has used the most modern technology to create this racing game. Torque Drift Mod Money owns beautiful 3D graphics; the car is designed like the real life. The physical simulation system of the game works very well to give the player the most authentic experience. Besides, the sound of the game also contributed to the success of this game.

torque drift 1


Torque Drift will be a new choice for fans of racing games. With gameplay required for highly skilled players and impressive graphic design, the game promises to be a target that attracts a lot of players attention.