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  • Publisher:
  • Platforms: iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 164 MB
  • Date Updated: June 29, 2019

To ensure your health, we must exercise regularly and have a good living regime besides spending a lot of time exploring games with complex content. People also need to explore simple content challenges. From there, help balance leisure time and let your eyes rest. If you are looking for light challenges and help you have great relaxation times. The games released by VOODOO are an ideal choice for you.

Touch the wall 2

Among the new products of VOODOO, Touch the wall currently has many downloads at the moment. The game has addictive gameplay and brings exciting competition for everyone. You will have the opportunity to compete with many people, overcome many different obstacles to win.

Competition and challenge

Touch the wall APK Mod will bring exciting races and challenge players’ quick reflexes. You and other players will be taken to different maps, participating in unique races. A remote warning system has been prepared to challenge people. When the system displays Green Light, people will be allowed to move to reach the required location. Conversely, the system displays Red Light then you and other players will have to stand still. If you move when Red Light system is active, you will be removed from the race.

Touch the wall 3

Character control system

When participating in races, your character will automatically move. To avoid obstacles on the way and remote warning system. You just need to hold your hand on the screen to stop the character from moving and standing still. To move the character back to normal, simply release your hand from the screen. With this simple control system, you can easily relax with one hand. Besides easy-to-understand control, players also need to have good observation ability to complete the race. Good observation and reasonable control are key to defeating other competitors.

Touch the wall for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Levels and obstacles

To create many exciting challenges and races for you, the manufacturer has prepared many unique levels and a variety of obstacles. In addition to moving according to the remote warning system, the player also faces a series of obstacles along the way. Each level will use a system of separate obstacles such as giant hammers, cannonballs, and many other pitfalls.

Touch the wall 4

In addition to observing the warning system, you also need to grasp the rules of the obstacles. From there, select safe times to overcome them. At higher levels, the obstacle system will constantly be changing, and you will have many difficulties in moving. Therefore, having an agile observation ability is an advantage that helps you win. Races will not be limited in travel time. Therefore, you need to have reasonable control actions and avoid rushing through the pitfalls.

Touch the wall 1


Touch the wall promises to create many exciting races and help players practice perseverance for themselves. This game has attractive content and is suitable for many different ages. If you want to enjoy it right now, please use the shared link below.

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