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  • Date Updated: July 17, 2019

Building and developing is an extremely important work for human beings since ancient times. People have learned how to build simple homes for so long. At present, with the development of technology. Humans have made great and beautiful works. Also, the production and economic development is also a very important factor contributing to the development of humanity so that we can build even larger buildings. If you are looking for a building simulation and economic development game, Township will be a great choice for you; the game is released by Playrix. This game is a unique combination between the two familiar genres of town building and farm development, which will bring the most fun and unique experience to the player.

township 3


You will start this game with the job of developing a small town that you own in the game. Initially, you will use the bare land to grow crops and create different types of agricultural products to grow your economy. You will start planting simple crops like wheat, cotton, sugarcane … After you harvest the agricultural products made from these crops, you will sell them for money. You will use the money you earn to build new homes in your town.

township 4

With beautiful and sustainable new homes, other people from many parts of the world will be living in your town. Your town will be much happier and crowded. Also, you will use the money you earn to build other buildings in the game. The more people you have in your town, the more wealth you will have and the more you will accomplish your purpose.

Township – Turn a town into a metropolis

Township APK Download will give players a lot of different business forms for them to choose from. You can become a famous agricultural producer or a successful entrepreneur with big factories in your town. All the business types you choose will bring you huge income from the people living in the town when you sell your products to them. The game also has many other features that you need to explore directly.


Beautiful graphics

Regarding graphics, Township Mod Money is made up of beautifully designed 3D graphics. All homes in town and people are displayed very clearly. The interface of the game is designed very intuitive and user-friendly. The sound in the game is also well designed to provide the best experience for the player.

township 1


In general, Township has unique gameplay but not too complex and suitable for all ages. Other players will also be more likely to participate and experience this game than using the visual design of the game. If you are interested in this game, then you can explore it with our link.