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  • Date Updated: July 9, 2019

In big cities, the number of vehicles participating in daily traffic is very large. To be able to participate in safe traffic, drivers need to have reasonable control operations and careful observation. From this fact, VOODOO manufacturer has prepared an interesting challenge for everyone to explore. With Traffic Turn, you will have the opportunity to challenge your nimble control when entering traffic. Challenges of the game will be prepared on different highway sections. At these expressways, the number of vehicles participating in traffic is very high. And you have to help the trapped vehicles to participate in traffic safely and without causing accidents.

Traffic Turn 3


Traffic Turn APK Mod is a compelling and gentle game for everyone to relax in their free time. The prepared challenges will require you to have agile control operations to help the vehicles move safely on the highway. Your challenges will take place at the intersection, and the vehicles will move continuously. Therefore, you must quickly perform precise 1-touch operations to help the stranded cars continue to move on the highway.

Traffic Turn 3

Continuity move

On the highway, the vehicles will move continuously and do not stop. When traveling, each vehicle will be separated by a safe space to avoid causing traffic accidents. And you have the task of helping the cars that are stuck at the fork to successfully move into these safe spaces to join the traffic. The wider the safety range, the more chances you have to insert multiple cars at once. Each successful inserted car will help you get the bonus. Also, many cars inserted at the same time will help you get double bonuses.

Traffic Turn – Make Traffic Run Smooth

For cars to be inserted into safe spaces, you only have to do one touch on the device’s screen. Besides, you also need to carefully observe the safe spaces to help many cars be inserted at the same time. There are many different safety gaps that will appear continuously. Therefore, you need to choose the right time to move the trapped cars. Good observation and a reasonable selection of safe gaps will help you quickly complete the task. Conversely, if you choose unreasonable gaps, an accident will occur on the highway. You will have to play again from the beginning and lose all the accumulated points.

Traffic Turn 4

Besides addictive content, Traffic Turn also possesses a diverse level system. You will participate in different levels, the higher the level, the more complex the challenge. At the initial levels, the movement speed of vehicles is relatively slow, and you can quickly finish the task. However, the movement speed of vehicles will increase over time. At that time, you need to have quick observations and manipulations to complete the task. If you reflect slowly, you will cause a traffic accident, and the task will fail.