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  • Date Updated: April 17, 2019

Transit King Tycoon – A fascinating simulation game that gives you the opportunity to enjoy and explore the unique work of the trucking industry. You know, transporting goods by road is a job with a long history in human development. With the transport of goods by road, humans can transport goods to different places and civilizations also grow quickly. Are you ready to create your own shipping company and become the king of the trucking industry?

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Create your own transport company

You have the opportunity to participate in building and owning a road transport company of your own in Transit King Tycoon APK Mod. You will arrive at a large island with many different cities, and there are many people living here. Therefore, the need to use and transport goods on the island is very diverse and necessary for everyone’s needs. From the above practical needs, you must create a transport company and help transport goods on the island. With the responsibility of a manager and head of the company, you need to ensure the goods on the island must be transported continuously and stable.

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Grow your company

To help the island grow and serve the needs of everyone on the island, you have to transport many different goods and to many different places on the island. There are many types of goods for you to transport such as food, gasoline or chemicals. With many different locations and the need to use different goods, you need a good transportation plan to meet everyone’s needs. In the role of a manager, you must choose routes with good transport systems or short distances to transport goods. Besides, you also need to own a variety of trucks with different sizes to perform the task.


The manufacturer has prepared many different shipping tasks for you to experience. Each mission will require you to transport a particular cargo to a certain location. After completing the quests, you will receive gold coins and experience points to unlock new challenges. With the amount of gold accumulated after each mission, you can own many new trucks for the company. From there, you will easily be able to perform many cargo transport tasks at the same time and get more profits.

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Besides, to get more gold and experience points, you must upgrade the used trucks. The upgrade of the truck will help you transport more goods and shorten the time to complete the task. By owning a lot of trucks and speeding up the mission quickly, you will get many transport contracts.

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Beautiful graphics

Transit King Tycoon has beautiful 3D graphics. The game is designed with a wide viewing angle so you can easily observe the locations and travel routes of trucks. In the task of transporting goods, you discover a wide range of attractions such as city centers, small and medium towns, industrial parks and many other locations. The landscapes of the game are honestly designed with lots of attractive image details.