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  • Date Updated: August 22, 2019

For those who are interested in fascinating simulation challenges and unique management tasks, people definitely cannot ignore the name Tropico. This is an impressive simulation game and is popularly released on the PC platform. After the success of the PC platform, Feral Interactive publisher has designed a unique version of the game for mobile devices. The new version will be released on the mobile platform, and it will have the same name as Tropico for iOS. Join the game; you will have the opportunity to build and manage a country of your own. With the responsibility of a leader, you will have to have smart development plans to change your empire.

Tropico 4

Create a rich island

Tropico APK Mod will bring true management tasks. You will be offered an underdeveloped land, and your mission is to create a strong nation. To do that, you need reasonable development plans. You must build a solid infrastructure system to serve the purpose of economic development. Besides, you must also maintain the security of the country by building a powerful military force. Creating and creating a strong country will not be simple. Therefore, you need a lot of time to think and manage your empire logically.

Tropico – Build your own power trip


You will be taken to an island in Caribbean sea. Despite possessing an abundant fossil resource for exploitation and development, the island possesses a weak economy. Therefore, you will have to help develop and build a strong economy in this potential island.

Tropico 3

To build a developed economy for the island, you must have a stable and reasonable development schedule. First, you need to build basic structures to create basic economic foundations (shops for goods exchange or small and medium production). After that, you need to upgrade and expand production capacity with more advanced technologies (heavy industry, chemical production, …). Besides building industrial parks to serve economic development. You also have to build a large transport system to serve cargo transport.

Tropico 2

In addition to promoting the economy, you must also build public infrastructure to serve your people. You can only develop a stable economy when your people have a stable life. A stable life of people requires hospitals, schools, and many other public infrastructure structures. If you don’t guarantee a stable life for everyone, you will lose control of the city. Since then, the city will become chaotic, and economic development will be stagnant.

Tropico 1


Tropico is designed with a realistic and vivid image system. With a view from above, you can easily observe the terrain of the island and make plans for scientific development. Besides, carefully prepared image details will give you beautiful views, and you can enjoy many attractive landscapes.