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  • Date Updated: March 14, 2019

With the aim of bringing new and light entertainment experiences, many driving simulation games have been created. There are many car driving simulation games, but there are very few simulation games to control a truck. So have you ever thought about joining a truck control experience? A transport vehicle is difficult to control and a real challenge? You will get the most realistic simulation challenges when participating in Truck Simulator USA. Experience it now!

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Become a driver

In Truck Simulator USA for iOS, you will become a healthy driver to be able to control big and heavy trucks. Truck control is a big challenge because you have to transport a large amount of cargo at the back. If you do not have a solid steering wheel and do not observe, accidents can happen at any time. Therefore, truck driving simulation is an attractive challenge that you have to participate once.

With the responsibility of a truck driver, you get a lot of different cargo missions. The goods you transport often have large sizes, and you have to travel long distances. Pay close attention when moving to complete tasks safely and best.

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Complete mission

You are a truck driver, and you receive contracts for transporting goods from different companies. You will discover many different American cities. Each transport mission will take you to major cities like Las Vegas, Chicago or San Francisco. With each task completed, the bonus will be automatically transferred to your account. The task of transporting goods requires players to have good concentration because the distances you travel are long and take a long time.

Truck Simulator USA for Android/iOS – Gameplay

When participating in traffic, you also have to comply with the same traffic rules as in real life. You are not allowed to move at high speeds in areas with speed limits. When driving, you must comply with the traffic light system and are not allowed to cause traffic accidents. If you violate traffic rules, the mission will be cancelled, and you will lose the bonus.

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With the simulation challenge, you can experience the game with two different angles. The first view is the view from the inside of the truck’s cockpit and the third view so you can see the surroundings completely. Depending on the needs and preferences of the individual, you can freely choose these two views when doing the task.

Beautiful graphics

Truck Simulator USA provides a series of realistic images and sharp 3D graphics. The control system is faithfully displayed with the steering wheel, accelerator and brake. The vehicles of the game are designed like real vehicles. Also, trucks are also prepared with a variety of different brands for you to use and explore.

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One of the factors that make the game the most realistic is the landscape system and time. You have the opportunity to enjoy many beautiful landscapes of the United States at different times of day and night. Besides, the game’s weather system also brings many interesting challenges. You can perform quests when it is raining or overcoming snow storms.


Truck Simulator USA is one of the most compelling driving simulation challenges today. If you need the most fun and honest driving challenges, this is the best game at the moment — download and experience to discover the life and exciting journeys of a truck driver.