• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 41 MB
  • Date Updated: October 25, 2018 is the best entertainment game today. The game is based on interesting science stories about UFO. UFO – extraterrestrial objects, easy-to-understand gameplay and simple gameplay. This is a fun game for all ages with a very interesting and unique experience. The game was released by NoahCube Studios producer. It is available on App Store and GooglePlay. Discover the exciting content and gameplay of the game through this article.

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Extraterrestrial objects

UFO is a content that has been of interest to everyone since the early 20th century. UFO stories, comics, and movies are always of interest to people around the world. This content is always exciting and addictive. Apart from film and comic books, there are also scientific studies on this subject. This content is always a lot of people interested. So, NoahCube Studios producer has released their latest product is for iOS.

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UFO attack the earth

Game content, gameplay is simple and easy to understand. Join the game; players will be taken to many different places on earth. In each city, the player has the task of controlling his UFO and eating all the stuff on the way for UFO to grow. The more you eat, UFO will be a larger size.

To experience the game, simply touch the screen of the device and move UFO to the required location. Destroy everything on your way, let your UFO be the biggest and strongest in the game. Also, the game has a lot of achievements for players to collect. You will be exploring the city, destroying everything and collecting for yourself the best achievements of the game.

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Game mode

The game has two modes for you to experience: CLASSIC and SOLO RUN. Each game mode has its own impressive and interesting. In CLASSIC mode, you will be teleported to different cities, in which the game will have a limit of 2 minutes. Within the limit of the game, you will have to destroy everything, and your UFO must be the largest size. Take a tour of the city and destroy everything in your way and achieve the best score. for Android/iOS – Gameplay

SOLO RUN is the most popular mode. Joining this mode, you will be arranged to experience the game alongside different players. Similar to CLASSIC, players will have a limit of 2 minutes when playing SOLO RUN mode. In this limitation, aside from the task of destroying everything and making your UFO bigger. You also have to kill other players. To destroy your opponent, your UFO must be bigger. Eat smaller UFO and stay away from more massive UFO. Make a rational calculation in SOLO RUN mode to win the game.


The game has nice 3D graphics. The graphics of the game are simple and easy to see. Join the game you will not feel fast bored and eyestrain. The picture quality of the game is rated at a good level. The details and movements of the game are very smooth and stable. The graphics of the game is not high but certainly will satisfy you.

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Overview is a simple recreation game suitable for all ages. The speed of the game is also a favorite factor. You will experience the game anywhere and do not have to spend a lot of time playing the game. This is the best entertainment game that you and everyone should experience once.