• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: August 26, 2019

In the development stage of human history. The Stone Age is the beginning of the process of living and mastering the Earth. Based on this unique development period, an MMORPG game has been released for everyone to relax. With Ulala: Idle Adventure, you will discover an exciting prehistoric life. You and many other players will become hunters and are allowed to collect a variety of beautiful mounts. Currently the game is available on Googleplay or you can use the sharing link at the end of the article to set up.

Ulala Idle Adventure 4

The early period of humanity

Ulala: Idle Adventure for iOS will take people to prehistoric contexts with vast undiscovered lands. From mysterious deserts to cold lands beside dangerous volcanoes. In the game, you will become a hunter and a new hunting season has begun. Your companion with Tyrannosaurus Rex mount will start a new hunting season and you will be tasked with competing with many players across the globe to become a top hunter.

Ulala Idle Adventure 2

Attractive features

With many attractive features, the game will give you many tasks to perform. Besides, X.D. Global manufacturer also prepared a simple control system and you do not need to perform many complex control operations. Many unique challenges along with a variety of upgrades will give people a memorable time to relax.

Ulala: Idle Adventure for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Participating in the hunting season, the characters and pets in the game can automatically fight. Therefore, you will not need to perform complex control operations. And you only have the task of monitoring to upgrade the characters you are using. Each character will be designed with special skill systems. Your responsibility is to accumulate more experience points and rewards needed to perform character upgrades. Upgrading the character will help you defeat many monsters and collect many kinds of attractive rewards. From there, you can also be confident to compete with many other players in the arena.

Ulala Idle Adventure 1

In addition to simple battles with monsters, the manufacturer also designed an online arena for you and many other players to compete. In the arena, the rankings along with the corresponding rewards have been prepared. And you are responsible for defeating many other opponents to achieve high ranking positions and collect valuable rewards. Besides fighting and making items for characters, competition in the arena is also very important. Attractive prizes in the arena will help you easily upgrade and unlock new skills for the character. Therefore, you need to join the arena constantly to get many attractive benefits.

Sharp image

Besides unique gameplay, Ulala: Idle Adventure also has attractive 3D graphics. The characters and mounts of the game are sophisticatedly designed. Beautiful outfits with lots of exciting combat environments are waiting for you to explore. The combat skills effect will surely make you satisfied and give people a lot of sharp picture experience.