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For those who love Japanese manga, Naruto is a familiar and popular character worldwide. Naruto is a fictional character who appeared in the work of Kishimoto Masashi. This manga brings many interesting journeys and battles between different ninja tribes. Not only was it successful with manga and anime, but stories related to Naruto were also developed into many different games.

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Naruto related games are developed on a variety of platforms, from PC to Xbox One or PlayStation. In particular, there are several versions released on the mobile platform and make it easy for people to explore. We can mention some names like Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing or Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage. And recently, Bandai Namco producer has also released a mobile version of its own. Ultimate Ninja Blazing APK Mod is the latest name in many game versions on mobile platforms related to Naruto. What are you waiting for, quickly use the sharing link at the end of the article to enjoy the fun challenges of this game?

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Turn-based battles

Ultimate Ninja Blazing will bring new challenges and more interesting than other versions. Instead of fighting classic fighting, players will enjoy unique turn-based battles. Turn-based combat will require players to have wise calculations to win. With an attractive strategic element, you will discover many of the ninja’s skills and mysterious powers.



Similar to many other turn-based challenges, you have the task of collecting different characters to create your fighting group. Due to the construction of Naruto Shippuden (2018), you have the opportunity to discover and use hundreds of different characters. Each character will own its powers and elements. Therefore, you need to know the information and fighting ability of each character before using them. Your battle team will be able to use up to 3 characters, and each character will have its functions in the battle squad.

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Besides being able to use powerful characters, you also have the task of collecting and equipping various items for each character. The system of items is designed with a variety of weapons and support equipment. Each item will have its stats, and it will help improve the fighting ability for the characters. Items with higher levels and rare values, your character will be added with more power.

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Collecting and using different items for the character will take place throughout your journey. The higher the level, the more dangerous the mission. If you are not equipped with good items, your characters will not be able to participate in many complicated battles. Therefore, you need to have a lot of wise battle plans to get a good collection of items. In addition to equipping items, you also need to regularly change the battle line to match each different object. Owning many diverse battle teams will help you gain many advantages before the opponents.