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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
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  • File size: 240 MB
  • Date Updated: May 20, 2019

Along with the development of UFC, many people want to have intense and powerful matches. However, UFC tournaments are played by professional athletes and are restricted to some dangerous combat content. But don’t worry, now you can enjoy the same exciting battles UFC with more intense style right on your device. In the battles that this game brings, there is only one winner, and you are the one who won? Discover Ultimate Robot Fighting right away to get crazy matches.

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Battles surpass human limits

As mentioned above, battles fought by professional athletes are limited to some content. But the content restrictions will not appear in Ultimate Robot Fighting APK Mod. These are battles between machines, and it has limits far beyond humans. From there, people will get the crazy battles they want. The battle between the machines is endless; the machines can grow constantly and survive over time. From the above factors, battles between machines are something to look forward to and experience.

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The war of modern machines

You control a machine and participate in fierce fighting battles (1 vs 1). In antagonistic battles, you need to intelligently control your machine to survive. The war of machines will have no limit, only one survivor and one will become scrap metal. In addition to fighting, you are also allowed to own different types of robots. Each match allows you to bring up to three robots. Fight and win to have the opportunity to own many robots.

Ultimate Robot Fighting for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Combat skills

Compared to confrontations between people, the battle of machines allows for more diverse and interesting combat skills. Each robot possesses its special fighting skills. If you do a lot of wise manipulation, you can activate these special skills and defeat the opponent quickly. There are many fighting skills to explore, take advantage of reasonable times to use the skills, and make the enemy surprised.

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Ultimate Robot Fighting for iOS brings a variety of powerful robots and allows you to upgrade continuously. In varying numbers, the robots will be arranged according to their tier, and each tier will have different upgrades. To proceed with the upgrade, you need to have a large amount of money, and you can collect the bonus after each match. Each robot will have its upgrades to match its specifications and combat capabilities. You will win more victories if you have smart upgrade plans.

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If you are a passionate challenge, Ultimate Robot Fighting is an option not to be missed at the moment. Join and own your steel warriors. Fight and conquer attractive prizes of the game. Defeat many enemies and become the only winner.