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  • Platforms: iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 25 MB
  • Date Updated: August 12, 2018

Following the success of its predecessor, Lion Studios has continued to launch the new Ultra Sharp intellectual game market. This game promises to bring players the new level of difficulty with the creativity that the manufacturer has used in this game. Ultra Sharp for Android has completely new gameplay, unlike previous games like Weave the Line and SpeedBall. It possesses simple gameplay, but there are many levels of difficulty, players will be overcome with completely new challenges in this game to express themselves as a smart person. How many levels can you overcome?

ultra sharp 1

Interesting brain games

Ultra Sharp APK Download¬†will give players many difficult puzzles; you will have to overcome all these puzzles to express your intelligence. The game has very familiar puzzle gameplay; players will not take long to learn about it. Initially, difficult levels will not create many difficulties for players. Specifically, the first difficulty level will guide the player in how the game works. You will complete the first level easily without any help. However, the next difficult levels will bring players great challenges. They will have to think carefully to cut the objects displayed on the game’s screen and bring them to the position of the stars. At this point, you will see the great challenges that this game has brought to yourself.

ultra sharp 2

This is a puzzle game; you will not be limited to the number of turns. If you have failed to solve the puzzle, you can play it, again and again, to find out how to solve these complex puzzles. Sure, players will have to play many times again when they have to conquer the higher difficulty levels in this game. Players will have a lot of happy emotions when they find out how to solve difficult puzzles.

Ultra Sharp – Cut Everything!

Simple design

Ultra Sharp for iOS is built on a simple 2D graphics platform. The objects and terrain in the game are also very simple. Players will be more focused when they experience the simple design of the game. The color and size of objects are also displayed in a very clear way so that the player can easily see. The sound of the game is also designed very simply so that players can focus better.

ultra sharp 3


At present, Ultra Sharp is an intellectual game that many people are interested in. This game will have a solid position in the ranking of the top brain games. The producer has brought us a great game with new challenges. You can join this game now with the link at the bottom of the article to solve the most complex puzzles.